BLUE MOON – A full blue moon will be visible on the Halloween date, this Saturday 31 October 2020. A rare phenomenon that has not happened since 1944. What is its meaning and symbolism ? How to observe it ?

[Updated 27 October 2020 at 6:46 p.m.] A blue moon will appear on Halloween. This full moon of 31 October 2020 will have the distinction of being the second full moon of the calendar month, why we call it a blue moon, and fall just in time for our traditional monster party, vampires and other witches. The next time a blue Halloween moon appears in the sky won't happen until 19 years, the 31 October 2039.

If the blue moon occurs every two and a half years, phenomenon that is explained when a second full moon is visible in the same month, it is much rarer for her to appear on Halloween. Indeed, the last time a thirteenth full moon slipped on the date of this holiday, visible for all time zones, it was in 1944, during WWII. The next blue moon of 31 October will not take place before 2039.

A blue moon is not a blue moon, but means that in the same month, two full moons appear. Indeed, this year 2020, a first full moon appeared on October 1, and a second, so the full blue moon, appears this 31 October. Usually there is only one full moon in a month, the lunar cycle being 28 days. Exceptionally, the year 2020 counted 13 moons instead of 12. Generally, we see a single Blue Moon every 2,7 years. The last blue moon was on 31 mars 2018.

The blue moon will be visible around the world at different times : “The moon is always full for everyone, but she moves. It takes 12 hours for it to move from one hemisphere to another. This probably means that she will get up early enough to have time to be full everywhere on the planet during the same day.” the president of the Val-Bélair Astronomy Corporation told Radio Canada. In France, it will be visible from 3:51 p.m. (Paris time) and all night of 31 October 2020.

The full blue moon of 31 October 2020 will be observable from all parts of the globe, for all time zones. Which means that it will necessarily be visible in the skies of France.

Use of the term “blue” would result from a blunder in an article in the American amateur astronomy magazine Sky and Telescope, in 1946. The article in question was entitled “Once in a Blue Moon” and was written by journalist James Hugh Pruett who misinterpreted the Maine Farmers Almanac of 1937. And that's how that confusing expression went around the world in no time… ! Every two to three years, the year includes 13 full moons instead of 12. The super blue moon is therefore associated with the number 13. Beliefs from the Middle Ages associate these years with 13 full moons to natural disasters but gardeners rather evoke particularly rainy years not very favorable for harvests.

The last Super Blue Moon was on 31 January 2018. The conjunction of phenomena, super blue moon and super blood moon, had not happened since 31 mars 1866 and the next one will not take place before 31 January 2037. To understand this superblue blood moon phenomenon, read the paragraph below :

If lunar eclipses can occur several times a year, the conjunction of the two phenomena (Super Moon and total eclipse) is rare and gives rise to what is called a blood moon. Many centuries ago, the “lunes de sang” were seen as the herald of great catastrophes. Today, we know that this color is due to the projection of sunlight. During the lunar eclipse, it is possible to “see the reflections on the lunar surface of all sunrises and sunsets on Earth”, a phenomenon that results from”a rare alignment of these three astronomical cycles”, Professor Jason Aufdenberg of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida pointed out to Point..


Blue moon of 31 October
How to observe it ?
Super Blue Moon
Super Blood Moon

[Updated 27 October 2020 at 6:46 p.m.] A blue moon will appear during the day…

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