Watch Dogs Legion allows you to play as Roger Moore-style 007 superspy and grandma with a walking frame, so its plot was always going to err on the corny side. This new story trailer confirms as much, as you’ll be up against nefarious security groups and virtual vigilantes. Watch Dogs 2 hit a nice balance with its plot, so we’re hoping for something at least passable here.

It’s also worth noting that the title’s post-release expansion, as revealed earlier in the day, will effectively blend the Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed fiction for the first time – which is wild!

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Looks corny af but at least not offensively awful. Really high hopes for this one, I’ve definitely come around to Ubisoft after Watch Dogs 2 and now on my Assassin’s Creed binge. They’ve never been great at sticking the landing story-wise but they can come up with some great concepts. The accents here make me proper want an Eastenders DLC though!

I’ve had my eye on this, being a Londoner and all (Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner). But I must admit I’m a bit fatigued with the wholeplay as anyone” approach. It’s the focus of all their trailers. All right Ubi, I get it.

@nessisonett I understand the hate for Ubisoft, but lately they have put out some pretty decent games. I really liked the last 2 AC, enough to get the plat on both of them. But i was never able to get into watch dogs 1, seems like a cool idea but it’s like something was missing.

I’m totally off Ubisoft but with this set in my home town I’ve had this in my sights since it’s first showing. If it reviews well I’ll play this as a warm up for Cyberpunk.

One of the gameplay aspects I read is quite interesting. It said that after he killed someone, during a police chase by accident, that the girl’s best friend ran up to him in a crowd, yelling accusatory statements. Drawing unwanted attention, etc. It sounded like the “nemesis system” but better.

@TooBarFoo 😆😆😆😆that was my sentiment with watch dogs 2. “It’s in the bay area. Lemme check it out

Good trailer. If it was on Netflix I’d definitely watch it. Hope they show us some more gameplay soon because I’m not totally convinced I want to play it.

@TheIdleCritic I’m from London too, but haven’t been able to go there at all this year because of the pandemic. Worried this might make me homesick ):

Looks impressive. But why 30 FPS? I hope it gets boosted to 60 FPS upon release on PS5.

Ubisoft hate? Don’t have any in this house. Still prefer watchdogs over 2. I have finished AC everything since the start and a shame we can’t have a remastered original as I still hold its ideas as groundbreaking. I don’t play the crew though.

My favorite part about Watch Dogs 2 was just cruising through the Bay area, don’t remember a thing about the story. This game is a bit of the same for me. If I’m buying it, it is because I wanna just drive through London.

@Dr_ENT Looking at it, I think the PS4 will struggle to hold 30 FPS in a lot of places. It has a lot of CPU heavy stuff going on (or at least it looked that way in the game play we saw, if the end product matches is still to be seen) Both the base and pro struggle with CPU load. At the same time I’d be amazed if this was not 60 FPS with PS5 patch

@TooBarFoo PS4/Pro versions will definitely run at 30FPS, no question about it. But the gameplay captured as shown above is from a PC version. I am shocked to see that the PC version is running at 30 FPS. All in all, I think the PS5 version will be 4K/60 just like AC:Valhalla. Since both games use the very same engine.

The video is recorded in 30fps, the PC version can reach 60-120+ fps depending on the hardware and settings.

I am looking forwards to this: I live in London and I’ve never seen it recreated so accurately as this.

But some of the writing and acting in that trailer…. yeesh. ‘Let’s unfuck London’ . The baddie recycled from V for Vendetta. The AI with the posh butler voice….

@JapaneseSonic I can’t guarantee that it won’t It’s a pretty good representation of London as far as games go. Except for the tiny post boxes! Check out the gameplay trailer. I couldn’t stop laughing lol. They’re about chest height. I don’t know why no one else has brought it up.

@greenwichlee I grew up a few minutes from Camden lock, folks still live there. So I’m looking forward to getting to play in my old stomping ground. I’m out by Highbury now, don’t think there’s anything here that they would include unless they have the Emirates on the map.

Everything set in London these days has cast trying to out do a Guy Richie film. It wouldn’t of been that hard to get a of actual Londoners but I guess none of us sound Londoner enough for the old stereotypes..

Yeah I’ve lived here for 20 years and don’t think I’ve ever encountered a Ritchie-esque propa geezer. They should do it in MLE but I guess it’d confuse the Americans.

@greenwichlee I think they will have the O2, maybe the high line as well. They will be just down the road from the eye with nothing but tower bridge between them! 😂 Greenwich will never have been so central

I wasn’t that bothered about Watch Dogs Legion, I stopped playing number 2 as I found the DedSec team too annoying. However, they may have sorted that but playing as other characters and I want to ride motorbikes around London and this looks like a way I can do that.

Looks generic and the dialog is pretty cringey. Hope it turns out okay for the people who are looking forward to this.

Actually, it won’t be the first time a Watch Dog game crosses over with Assassin’s Creed.In the first WD game, in one of the contract killer missions, you kill one of Abstergo’s bosses, after being hired byThe Brotherhood”. In the next AC game, (Black Flag or Rogue, can’t remember which one) he’s dead and gone and you can find e-mails and dialogue in the Abstergo building in present day about how he was killed in Chicago by WD’s Aiden.


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