Having your own website has become simply essential for any company that offers products or services in B2B or B2C and that must be able to be easily identified on the web, even if she does not wish to evolve in e-commerce.

But for many, the creation of a website is still synonymous with heavy investment or advanced technical knowledge. Graphic design, definition of the functionalities, structure and ergonomics, site development, content writing and integration, choice of host etc.

The new editors have eliminated all these problems to allow any amateur to easily and inexpensively create a personalized site that reflects their business..

What are the most important criteria for choosing your site creator ?

The scope of the model range

Keep in mind that each site editor has their own "templates" or models. In some cases, once your site is published on the web , it will be difficult to transfer it to another provider. Hence the importance of choosing an editor offering varied and aesthetic graphics, professional quality.
Value-added features

Some features can make all the difference. Creation tools that integrate SEO optimization, for example, help you reach your conversion goals and gain qualified visitors.

one of the agencies proposed below (CSS ENGINEERING) makes sure during development to integrate all the tools that will encourage Google to recognize the site once created.

Flexibility and scalability
Your site is likely to change over time. As your traffic increases or your customer base increases, you may need to add functionality, or even redesign part of your site. Check that your service provider is able to offer you scalable formulas.

this same agency (CSS ENGINEERING) uses technologies that are easy to use even for someone who has no computer knowledge. They are quite flexible and offer scalable formulas.
The level of service and support
Because creating a site is not easy, even with a creation tool, you should be able to count on a support service or, if there is none, a forum of experienced users.
CSS ENGINEERING has excellent feedback on this subject from the clients with whom it has collaborated, evoking reactivity, the availability and dynamism of the operating team.

some reviews via this link below


The price
Price is an important component, but the prices charged by site publishers are often quite close. Investing a few euros or more FCFA per month can make you benefit from more attractive services in the long term.

The 10 best site creators 2020
Create your website in a few clicks !

Every business and entrepreneur can now easily create and host their professional site at a low cost.

this analysis is taken from two sources: https://www.sortlist.com/fr/site-internet/cameroun-cm and https://localhostkmer.xyz/2020/01/31/la-liste-definitive-des-meilleures-agences-de-creation-de-sites-web-a-douala-au-cameroun-en-2020/

is an independent partner who understands the competitive landscape of marketing and advertising agencies. They are the catalyst for business relationships. They think any organization deserves to work with the best partner without any friction.

below the link of the classification of 10 best website creation agency in Cameroon according to their criteria


CSS ENGINERING IS CLASSIFIED IN SECOND POSITION do not hesitate to contact us for the realization of your digital projects.


The selection criteria is as follows : The web agencies listed in this list are those who have managed to lead by example by making the necessary efforts to be visible among the first results of search engines on the main keywords related to the field of web and mobile creation in Cameroon..

1. CleanDev

CleanDev is a web agency so the field of action goes from graphic design, visual identity, creating software and mobile applications, website creation, SEO optimization for emailing.

It has an agency in the cities of Douala and Yaoundé.

2. LocalHost

LocalHost is a digital agency based in Douala, Cameroon, which specializes in the development of digital platforms (E-commerce, e-learning, e-services etc…), the website creation professionals in Cameroon, d’web and mobile applications as well as in the Graphic Design and the Practical training in the various digital professions.

It is located in Akwa

3. Protai-in

Protai-in is an agency so the field of action goes from website creation, graphic design and online advertising campaigns

It is located in Akwa.

4. CSS engineering

CSS Engineering is an agency so the field of action goes from web design to website creation to web marketing, mobile and desktop application creation

It is located in Bonamoussadi at the town hall of Douala 5th.

5. Uptima sarl

uptime is an agency so the field of action goes from web design, from graphic design to e-commerce site creation.

It is located in Kotto.

6. ALC digital

ALC digital is a digital agency so the field of action goes from website creation, from graphic design to web design and web referencing.

It is located on the street of Banadibong schools in Akwa.

7. Spartiat-IT

Spartiat-IT is a web agency so the field of action goes from website creation and mobile applications, web referencing.

It is located at Ange Raphael.

8. Deelynx

Deelynx is a web agency so the field of action goes from web design to website and mobile app creation.

It is located at Maképé Happy Sport crossroads.

9. Lux web services

Lux web services is a web agency so the field of action goes from creating web and mobile applications.

It is located in Logpom.

10. Big-graphics

Big-graphics is a web agency so the field of action goes from graphic design, from web design to website creation.

Sources: https://www.top10creationsiteinternet.fr/ – https://www.sortlist.com/fr/site-internet/cameroun-cm – https://localhostkmer.xyz/2020/01/31/la-liste-definitive-des-meilleures-agences-de-creation-de-sites-web-a-douala-au-cameroun-en-2020/

Building on its expertise in the areas of digital, technologies and processes , CSS Engineering you in your most ambitious transformation projects and helps you bring out new ideas, new offers, new modes of collaboration, new ways of producing and selling.

CSS Engineering is involved in projects each customer as if it were his own. We believe a consulting company should be more than an advisor. We put ourselves in the place of our customers, to align we incentives to their goals, and collaborate to unlock the full potential their business. This establishes deep relationships and enjoyable.

Our services:

  1. Create professional websites
  2. Hosting high performance and unlimited
  3. Sale and video surveillance cameras installation
  4. Sale and Installation of security system and alarm
  5. E-Marketing

All our achievements here https://www.css-engineering.com/en/works/


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