What is a website ?

What a website ? What is it used for ? For what target ? Is it essential ?

Let the bases : What is a website ? We might believe that 2017 everyone knows what it is ... But it is more complex than we think.

"A website is a set of web pages and related resources accessible by a web address. A website is hosted on a web server accessed via the Internet global network or a local intranet. All the websites are the World Wide Web. » – Wikipedia

To simplify, This is an interface that worked well referenced and well used to be seen by the whole world. It is important to know the vocabulary web, they constitute the proper management of your website and share more simply with your service provider or your employee web.

Three types of websites exist :

  • E-commerce : this is a site that aims to sell products and services with management of online payments.
  • Showcase : this is a site that aims to provide information on the company and its values, communicate and prospect.
  • Institutional : it is the government websites or other institutions (ONG).

Before setting up your website it is important to know what is your purpose, sale ? Communicate ? prospect? Informer ? Prices may vary, indeed an e-commerce site is more expensive than a showcase site because it requires much more functionality and power.

The website is essential for the digital age

Today that does not check information on Google ... Who does not check the credibility of a company on the search engines ... Your company must be present on these engines because people trust them and if you are then you are authentic, it is also an opportunity to be seen by your customers and prospects. If you are not in the search results that it is as if you did not exist ! Even if it's a page explaining your activity, it will affect your reputation. This means that you are there and you face your competitors. In the digital age have a website is not a luxury but a living wage !

You really want to give free space to your competitors ? And offer your potential customers without fight ? I do not think ... The website is a great tool to differentiate and develop different strategies : SEO, marketing, contents, social networks ... elements that well controlled may be the key to your success.

A great means of communication - Target, touch, sell !

Although control, it can be a real asset to your business, he is the great tireless worker who works 24/24 for you. he prospected, he sells, it builds loyalty by itself ! We must not overlook the, must be updated, content must be worked and SEO should be reflected.

First, it is essential to develop a responsive site design, it must be easy to use for your customers. Your content must be processed according to the target, nothing must be left to chance, think of the questions that your customers / prospects may arise or difficulties they may encounter. The website should make life easier for your customer, it must provide more, it's a service you offer and in which you invest.

After its establishment, it can be a true marketing tool by introducing campaigns like white papers that recover Leads, the promotion of a product over time, communicate news now, landing page, Reward, convey a picture ... Create and control your own sphere of communication that revolve around your site and pull in profits (contacts, notoriety, Customer Loyalty…).

Certainly it is a heavy job that will take time and patience but can pay big !

source: https://www.villiere.com

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