2020 ne marquera pas la fin du contenu supplémentaire pour Les Sims 4, far from there. Maxis et Electronic Arts ont encore de beaux projets pour les 20 million players, à commencer par l’extension révélée aujourd’hui.

Elle s’appelle Écologie, et nous fera explorer Evergreen Harbor, un espace communautaire tourné vers la nature et le développement durable. Entre élimination de la pollution, constructions vertes, utilisation d’énergies renouvelables et recyclage des déchets, le DLC aura tout pour simuler la vie du parfait citoyen moderne.

À Evergreen Harbor, each of your actions and decisions influences the state of the world around you. The more Evergreen Harbor gets cleaner, the more you will see nature flourish. You decide whether the sky is polluted or clear enough to admire the northern lights. Let the rubbish pile up on the streets of your neighborhood, or collect them to create paths filled with lush vegetation in your city. It's up to you to decide !

New updates in Construction / Purchase also encourage you to be more ecological. For the first time, you can offset your bills with wind turbines, solar panels and dew collectors. Reduce your ecological footprint and invest in a living roof to bring an ultra-colorful touch. Inside, choose between buying great new furniture (sustainably produced of course) or recycle another Sim's trash to make beautiful items !

Speaking of recovery and recycling, why not embark on a new creative career ? Take a tour of the city looking for collectibles and materials for your next project. Brave Sims can even trash to find resources like dyes, des débris et morceaux et des ingrédientsdu moment que l’odeur ne les dérange pas. Choose the freelance designer career to make candles, sparkling fruit juices, recycled items and much more, then sell your creations by mail or on the Internet ! You can also encourage your neighbors to vote for a community creation space where you can make items together.

Empty community spaces are at risk of decay and becoming landfills. Mobilize your neighbors to decide how best to use them. To get this creative space, you're going to need support. You rather want a shared planting space with vertical gardens ? Vote for this project ! Every week, you can join your new community by voting for a neighborhood action plan. Transform shared land, promote the performing arts, suggest weekly training, request a recycling initiative or explore the many other options available on the board. Sachez juste que vous pourriez finir par porter un sac en papier sur la tête si les choses tournent mal

L’extension Écologie sera vendue à compter du 5 June 2020 on PC, PS4 et Xbox One au prix de 39,99 €.

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Source: https://gamergen.com/actualites/les-sims-4-bande-annonce-details-et-date-ecologie-nouvelle-extension-qui-fera-bon-citoyen-311789-1

World news – FR – The Sims 4 : trailer, details and date for Ecology, the new extension that will make you a good citizen

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