Two days away from the official release of the Crown Snowlands DLC on Pokémon Sword and Shield, a leak revealed the existence of two new Legendary Pokémon and several forms for Sylveroy.

As you probably know, Sylveroy is a new Legendary Pokémon that serves as the headliner for this second expansion of Pokémon Sword and Shield. The mysterious Pokémon “King” type Psy et Plante preserved should keep all its secrets until the release of the DLC… but a leak allowed players to learn more about him.

The leak in question revealed a lot of information, and not only on Sylveroy. To begin, let's take a look at two new legendary Pokémon coming to the Snowcapped Crownlands.

These two never-before-seen legendary Pokémon look like horses, and everything suggests that they will be Ice and Specter type respectively, even if a double type is not to be excluded. Their French name is still unknown, but we can already look a little at the English version :

You will have noticed it, the name of the new canassons of Sword and Shield works perfectly in French, and it is therefore entirely possible that the French translators choose to keep them. The leak also revealed their description in the Pokédex so here's a translation. (non official) :

While everything suggested that Sylveroy would be an all-classic Legendary Pokémon, the leaked image of the various legendary monsters from the DLC suggests that it will actually show up as 3 different shapes.

I got the leaked stuff that’s floating around upscaled a bit, dunno if it’s worth posting or anything but I figured I’d do it anyway from r/PokemonSwordAndShield

First, its standard form, as it was presented to us in the trailers. For its two other forms, we could see a form of fusion between Sylveroy and Glastrier or Spectrier. Indeed, we can notice in the picture a Sylveroy rider, comfortably seated on the back of the two new Pokémon presented previously.

Is it really 3 Full pokemon ? Will we find them as is in play or will we have to “combiner” somehow to get Sylveroy to ride one of the Steed Pokémon ? No clue on the question yet.

As you can see from the tweet, we can also discover the chromatic form of the legendary Pokémon of the expansion. While most seem quite classic, it is surprising to note that 3 legendary birds of the 1st generation seem to resume their Kanto colors in their shiny version.

If you love original Artikodin designs, Electhor and Sulfura but want to take advantage of their new types, so it should be possible to achieve your ends in Pokémon Sword and Shield. But for that, it will obviously go through a long and tedious test : the capture of a legendary chromatic Pokémon !

Fortunately, the wait will not be too long before being able to verify all the facts related in these leaks. Indeed, the Crown Snow Lands expansion comes out on 23 October.


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