Released in beta on 22 June, iOS 14 is now available to the general public and already widely adopted. But apart from the main novelties, do you know the little tips added by Apple this year ?

Here are the 14 tips and tricks to know to master iOS 14 on iPhone or iPad. Note that on the tablet, it's iPadOS 14 who officiates but the tips remain the same. If you have any other secrets, share them in the comments.

PS : last year we listed 13 tricks in iOS 13, and the year before 12 tricks in iOS 12. They are of course still relevant.

All his tips for iOS 14 have been tested and approved by the editorial staff, they have even been the subject of specific articles with sometimes a little more detail. Don't hesitate to type “trick” in our search engine.

One of the flagship features of iOS 14 is called the Apps Library. With her, you can easily find your apps and especially have an automatic arrangement by theme, use, etc. But if you like to access this tool right on your home screen, you will certainly have to go through dozens of pages of icons. To save time, it is possible to hide these pages :

Of course, you can change your mind and display these pages again by doing the opposite operation.

Are you tired of scrolling your 10 pages d’applications ? iOS 14 offers a new option to go directly to the right page. Just keep pressing on the little dots (the “page control”) to then swipe to one side or the other to go directly to the desired page. This of course also works in apps that display a carousel like our iSoft app..

On the iPod, Music Quiz was rather popular with the principle of playing songs randomly so that the user tries to recognize them among 5 propositions. L’app Shortcuts (Shortcuts) brings this mini-game to life in iOS 14.

Music Quiz is part of the "Startup Shortcuts" folder, which offers four different shortcuts that show what users can do with the application.

This year, Apple added the ability to directly change the recording resolution of a video to juggle between HD and 4K, as well as the number of images per second.

Likewise, the ratio of photos is now accessible during shooting, just like the exhibition.

To activate these shortcuts on the photo side, press the arrow as in the example below, otherwise on the video part, you will see the possibility to change the resolution and the number of images per second directly at the top right.

If the Photo app is doped with AI to search for an image by keyword, for example, iOS 14 add the possibility of captioning a photo or video. A practical function to note a detail, but also to find it later via search. For that, just swipe the image up to reveal the edit field.

PS : the Photo app now allows you to zoom in more on your photos.

From iOS 12, Safari blocks a number of trackers on the sites you visit. And iOS 13 had reinforced that, iOS 14 goes further by clearly listing the number of tracking tools per site as well as their details.

To access this novelty, so you have to open Safari then :

You will then see the list of sites consulted and classified from the most dangerous for your privacy to the most harmless. This is a good way to understand why some sites are slow and especially which are the most suitable to target you thanks to your personal data.

Apple took another blow to trackers in apps and on the web with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. You can now block ad tracking in settings. On the other hand, some applications will not work properly without being able to use trackers.

You know it, the Translate app manages 11 languages ​​like english, French, arabic, the Chinese, german, italian, Japanese, korean, Portuguese, russian and spanish. Safari takes the opportunity to translate the pages in real time, like what Chrome does for example.

Attention, we found out that the current version requires you to change the region of your iPhone or iPad to United States, otherwise the option does not appear.

How to translate websites on iPhone and iPad in iOS 14 :

Finally, to reread the entire conversation around a message, just tap on one of the shortcuts automatically generated after each answer.

iMessage gains another feature with iOS 14. It allows you to manage your favorite conversations for easy access at the top of the Messages application. Here's how to highlight your favorite contacts :

To delete a favorite, it will then suffice to make a long press on it and to tap on “Detach XXX”.

NB : a move to the right on the conversation list gives quick access to the pin function !

Before iOS 14, the only solution to translate was to go through a third-party app like Google. But now, the Translate app is installed by default and already offers to take into account 11 languages :
English, Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Italy, Brazilian Portuguese and Arabic.
Better, the app is integrated with Siri which can translate locally without touching the iPhone.

Siri, which benefits from a new interface as part of the Compact UI project, listen to you and translate directly :

Tapping, double tapping, the long press and the sweeps have just welcomed a new friend : the tap on the back of the iPhone. A double or triple tap on the back of the phone allows you to perform new actions.

It's total, we find 14 general actions, 7 accessibility actions, 2 scroll actions and all shortcuts created in Shortcuts.

To activate this trick, meet in :

A long press on the back button in a native app now allows you to choose the level to which you want to return, practical to save time !

L’application “Annotate” has a drawing corrector that greatly improves your doodles. Here is the procedure to follow

Since the new update, unable to open the articles independently, I have to take the latest article and switch.
Any ideas ?

@dougal – iPad
You have to go to Settings, General then language and region and there you change the region .

Could not find how to change the country to be able to translate in safari .
Once in settings / my name / …..
I don't have any apple store or itunes store section !

@Lau NX – iPhone premium :
thank you. The masked cucumber should learn to read an article correctly

@Mosque – iPhone
I have iOS 14 on my iPhone X since the first beta, no worries on my side ! You can update with your eyes closed

@concombre masqué No N
You must change the region to United States for the Translation option to appear on Safari

@Mosque – iPhone
The benchmarks in general are misleading since the devs were taken aback and some apps are still not optimized iOS14, oddly, the 9GAG app no ​​longer heats up like a volcano when you have an anti-ad dns! No worries about the update you can go for it 👍

@Mosque – iPhone
Installed since 2 carefree days on my iPhone XS. A great update !

Not yet installed for fear of bug or battery that would discharge faster … I'm on iPhone X
Returns ? (Good or bad)

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