The vacation mode of the WhatsApp application has reappeared in the from the beta version for Android but with some modifications and if you do not know this function here, we will explain why it works.

Is feature that returned to WhatsApp was in testing last year, but in february, it has been removed from the test version.

Note that this function is not yet in the beta version of the Android application, but it will be available very soon.

It appeared as a variant of Android's silent mode, although it was also working when it came to iOS.

When activated from the Settings menu of notifications, conversations archived after the user has deactivated them will remain archived even if they receive new messages.

This mode started to be called "Skip archived discussions", but in February of this year. The Wabetainfo portal discovered that it had been withdrawn from the development of new features for the instant messaging service.

However, this Wednesday, this feature reappeared in version from the beta version for Android, with modifications.

Vacation mode is appreciated in the sense that if the option of notification of incoming messages in archived discussions is disabled, they will remain archived. The second is an extension of the vacation mode.

There is no doubt that one of the best functions is to archive the chat, because this allows you to hide a conversation from the conversations tab and access it again whenever you want, allowing the application to organize conversations with your contacts as you wish.

Moreover, it's a gentle way to ignore someone without having to get to the point of locking for sure.

But there is a small problem because when receiving a new message in this particular chat that you had archived, the conversation would leave the archive and return to the conversation list

The problem was that when you received a new post in that particular thread that you had archived, the conversation left the archive and returned to the list of active conversations, so if you wanted to delete it, you had to archive it again.

Once you have the function available in your WhatsApp you will see that the archived conversations will move to the top of the conversations list under the same title: Archived Discussions.

If you touch this option, you will be able to enter and see all the listed conversations that you have decided to archive, as well as another tab called Notifications.

Notify new messages: enabled by default so you know who is writing to you, even if you have archived it. If you decide to turn off this feature, you will activate the vacation mode, so that archived conversations will continue to stay in the archive when new messages arrive and you won't know it. Automatically hide inactive conversations - This is an extension of vacation mode. When activated, if a conversation is older than 6 month, it will be automatically archived.

If you want to try Vacation Mode, you can become a beta tester and just go to the Google Play Store to find the trial version. WhatsApp Beta is the application test field in which all upcoming functions and new features are tested, and so you have to be careful because as these are beta versions, they contain errors, bugs and failures that must be described before they are officially available for the standard version of the application.

There are therefore some risks in terms of bugs and that they are unstable versions, but in return the tests before the others.

The best thing is that the process is reversible, and if you don't want to continue using WhatsApp Beta, just uninstall, go to the Play Store and install the standard WhatsApp application.

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