If Windows XP has made resistance among consumers to the switch to Vista and, later, Windows 7, its market share is minimal today. But the system is not dead or buried. Its source code is currently circulating on the Web and comes to haunt Microsoft again.

The leak would have been operated on torrent networks as well as via the Mega service and the 4Chan network. Some researchers have already taken an interest in the files in question and, if Microsoft has not reacted yet, the code would seem legitimate.

As a reminder, Windows XP released in October 2001 and Microsoft stopped its support in 2014. This means that the system no longer receives functional updates and security patches.. In other words, if you use the system, you are simply at the mercy of malware.

If we are to believe the data from Statcounter, Windows XP system would still be installed on by 0,87 % computers in circulation. According to NerMarketShare, which focuses on Chinese users, this rate rises to 1,26 %. With regard to the PC market, this figure is not negligible, but a malicious person wishing to organize an attack will favor a much larger target.

If it turns out to be legitimate, this code could allow developers to learn a little more about the overall operation of the operating system, or even create a variant of the latter.

otherwise, since Microsoft no longer deploys any patch for Windows XP, several flaws were left gaping and are probably being exploited by hackers. By scanning the source code it may be possible to find some breaches that are not yet exploited and still present in more recent versions of Windows.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has faced such a situation. In the past, portions of code from the Windows operating system ended up in the hands of developers.

In June 2017, the Beta News site hosted no less than 32 Terabytes of Windows code data 10. It was mostly photos and information. The source itself weighed 1,2 Go. Microsoft had recognized part of its OS code previously shared with trusted partners such as businesses or government agencies.

11 years earlier, in 2004, this is a portion of the Windows code 2000 who had passed through peer-to-peer software. It was a heavy file 660 Mo once unzipped. This time, the leak was very real but did not include the entire system weighing then some 40 Go.

Recall that the publisher has officially released several of the components of Windows by releasing its patents to help the Linux community.

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update of 24/09 at 6 p.m. : The price of the Seagate expansion card for the Xbox Series X | S fell for France… And it hurts a lot ! Indeed, players will have to pay € 269.99 to afford this extra space of just 1 To. Pre-orders are already open on the Microsoft Store.

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Source: https://www.clubic.com/windows-os/actualite-14616-sr-le-code-source-de-windows-xp-en-fuite-sur-les-reseaux.html

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