The PS5 and Xbox Series X have never been so close to being in our hands. Gamers can almost count on their fingers the days between them and the arrival of the new consoles., finally if the sacrosanct pre-order has been made upstream. However, despite sales already assured for the two manufacturers, we continue to discover some new features on these machines.

for example, if it's obvious to everyone that the Xbox Series S will be less powerful than the Xbox Series X (which will push Phil Spencer to admit that game development for both consoles will be more complicated), it is surprising to see that in some cases, loading screens will be faster on the S than on the X. A little surprise then, who had the good taste to come accompanied by another, big this time. And we prefer to warn you, we are now entering the wonderful world of speculative, and despite the information that will follow, there has been no official confirmation from Microsoft on the subject yet.

There is little, an exchange on Twitter between Stein and the Xbox account left us to think that a last minute transaction could be hatched with the social network Discord. We let you discover the conversation in question :

For the less English-speaking among us, Stein suggests integration of Discord into "whatever they like", what Xbox will respond to "we've never seen this request before". So, everything seems to indicate that we might see the Discord platform integrated in some way in the Xbox Series X and S consoles, and maybe even in the Xbox One. For the moment, we just have to wait for Microsoft to release official information, what could happen very soon.

However, it's good to know that Stein is none other than the social media manager of the Xbox community, and that in a way, the exchange could very well have been between himself .... And himself !

Anyway, the consequences of such a coup would be fabulous for the American firm as the integration of Discord into various consoles has been acclaimed by many players. Of course, the rumor in question now makes a lot of gamers dream of getting such a feature on the PS5 or even the Switch. A possibility that seems rather unlikely to us as Microsoft does not seem determined to share even a crumb of the JV big cake.

Subscriber of the blue shell on the home stretch, and faithful to the goal in the 90th minute.

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World news – FR – Will the Xbox Series X take the big shot at Discord ?

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