With the next-generation of Xbox on the horizon, a lot of games featuring Microsoft’s IP will be receiving backwards compatibility updates. Earlier this week, for example, we heard how Halo: The Master Chief Collection would get a special upgrade enabling 120fps and 4K, and now a new update for Killer Instinct has been rolled out.

The official website for the game makes it very clear that patch (coming in at 3.4GB) makes the game “fully” backwards compatible, but unlike Halo, there are no performance changes – it’s the same game ready for next-gen.

Those playing Killer Instinct on console can expect a large patch – roughly 3.4GB – when they next boot up the game. This patch contains a few tweaks that allow for Killer Instinct to be fully backwards compatible on Xbox Series X|S.

Today’s patch contains NO new content, and NO performance changes. It simply allows the same Killer Instinct you know and love to be ready to play on next-generation Xbox consoles.

It’s at least nice to know the Killer Instinct series hasn’t been completely forgotten about. Although it’s one of Rare’s creations, the latest entry in this long-running fighter series was developed by the American developer Double Helix Games. Fingers crossed we see more of Killer Instinct in the future.

And in case you’re wondering, as of the game’s 2017 Xbox One X update, Killer Instinct runs at 60fps and native 4K. Will you be playing this title on the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S? Were you hoping for anything else? Tell us below.

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As it is a fighting game, it cannot make changes to the performance, because that will drastically alter the gameplay, and you would have to relearn the game. People rely too heavily on frame data in fighting games more so than in any other genre.

Frame data is the concept that each move that a character perform has a certain amount of frames to animate, which includes startup, active frames, and recovery frames. For example, if Jago’s uppercut has active frames that begin in frame 10 and it lasts for 15 frames under regular conditions, which is 60fps, when you change to 120fps, the entire animation would change, and therefore the frame data would change, and you would have to relearn timings, etc that comes with fighting games. If the game was suddenly 120 frames, the frame data of every move would be changed, and the game would be ruined for so many who played for years.

So yeah, unfortunately, until the industry decides as a whole to move forward with 120 frames per second in fighting games, we will not see any run at more than 60 frames per second.

It’s curious that they need an update, thought, cause I was thinking that backward compatibility with One’s titles was a native feature of the Series consoles.Anyway, this game truly rocks, so I’m glad I’ll be able to continue my combo journey on Series X !

It runs 4K 60fps that’s perfectWell done for bringing this to series consoles. This next generation has unbelievable backward compatibility and lots of enhancements, let’s be dam happy and great full. Else I shall send you back to gaming in the 80’s and 90’s then you will really have some thing to complain about.

Such a good game. What started as a free to play fighter turned into one of the best fighting games in the gen. Every season improved the game further and now with all three seasons out I’d rate it significantly higher above the rival Street Fighter V on PS4. I find it that good.

Source: https://www.purexbox.com/news/2020/10/killer_instinct_is_now_fully_backwards_compatible_on_xbox_series_xs

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