The planets – the two largest in our solar system – will be particularly noticeable in the sky this evening

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You’ll be able to identify both Jupiter and Saturn in the sky tonight, according to expert astronomers.

The planets – the largest two in our solar systemare expected to be visible from Earth this evening.

It means stargazers in the UK can catch a glimpse of the gas giants later and you don’t want to miss it.

And it’s International Observe the Moon Night as well as it’s a fantastic evening to get stargazing!

With this in mind, here’s what astronomers at EarthSky have said about the exciting opportunity later.

In fact, they’ve been visible in the sky for a couple of nights already so you may have seen them.

Tonight however offers one of the final opportunities to catch a glimpse of them this week though.

It should hopefully make them a little easier to spot this evening, especially in relation to the Moon.

This astronomical body is set to go past both planets later tonight so it’ll essentially act as aguide.

He explained that the best time for stargazers to do thiswith devices or the naked eyeis in twilight.

It’s important to avoid doing so ina dark skybecause the Moon’s glare can actually beoverwhelming.

The astronomy writer states that it should pass to the south of Jupiter at around 7am or 8am this morning.

And the Moon will later sweep to the south of Saturn tonight from 9pmand this is the best time to look.

Both planets should then be identifiable to the right of the lunar body, though times will of course vary.

There are various ways to start stargazing, but the right option for you will depend on your abilities.

The best way, according to EarthSky, is through a telescopethough this isn’t accessible to everyone.

It’s likely that most people don’t own one and even if they did, it’d be another challenge optimising it.

These are however said towork like a charmfor viewing the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn later tonight.

You’ll need to identify the lunar body first, as explained, using this to figure out where the planets are.

As previously revealed though, a regular pair of binoculars will be good enough for general stargazing.

You’ll want to base yourself somewhere that’s comfortable and that isn’t distracted by bright lights etc.

EarthSky assures that binoculars will allow you to view the planets, but you won’t see their moons or rings.

Further advice on stargazing and information on astronomical events is available on on EarthSky or Observe the Moon Night.


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World news – US – Jupiter and Saturn will be visible together tonight – here’s where, when and how best to see them

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