A return to the Kalos region has been rumored ever since Pokemon Sword and Shield released in late 2019. Nearly a year and two DLCs later though, trainers don’t know whether they will be traveling to Kalos anytime soon.

Everything seemed to align for a return to the Pokemon X and Y stomping grounds. Even Junichi Masuda himself seemed to tease Kalos on Twitter.

Looking back at it, it was certainly understandable why so many trainers thought Kalos was coming for a second time. In addition to Masuda’s supposed tease, there was a whole host of other indications which we’ll break down now.

It is clear that the Galar region is based on Great Britain. Equally, it is hardly a secret that Kalos is based on France.

This is the first and most obvious reason as to why the two could be linked. There’s a lot more though, beyond just geographical convenience.

The story surrounding Pokemon X and Y is based on a war with an unnamed region. This region never gets revealed, either.

Whether this was intentional for another Pokemon game down the line (now) or sheer laziness is unknown. At the very least it seems strange that something so important goes unexplained.

It has also been suggested that the initial stages of the Pokemon Sword and Shield development would have begun in 2013. This is when Pokemon X and Y was released, perhaps adding further evidence the vagueness (or incomplete) story was intentional.

Interestingly there is an unused train station in Kalos’ Couriway Town. The train station remains unusable for the entirety of the game and it is never explained why.

Trains are also how trainers travel around the Galar region. This could be chalked up as coincidence, after all trains are hardly rare, but in addition to everything else it’s definitely noteworthy.

Just to add the significance of the train station, both games have similar caves which train tracks run through. Many would reasonably come to the conclusion that the two link in some way.

When looking at the Galar map there isn’t any obvious location that the train tracks would link to Kalos but that doesn’t mean it there isn’t. Naturally a lot of trainers would look at the south of Galar but maybe this isn’t where you should be looking.

The Galar region is actually the UK but upside down. This means that if Kalos is indeed connected that it could via the north. So, maybe the secret of Kalos lies in the Tower District.

With rumors rife of a third DLC coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield, trainers will be hopeful that it will be as something as big as the Kalos region. However, that is a lot of content for a DLC, although it will almost certainly cost in addition to the current Expansion Pass.

Nevertheless, a third Sword and Shield DLC (if there is one) could be something smaller like the Isle of Armor or Crown Tundra. With so much pointing towards Kalos though, it is hard to believe we won’t see it again in some form.

So, if it isn’t in a DLC, then could it be part of a new game entirely? The Pokemon Company have said nothing about it but it’s more than possible.

That new game will have to compete with a Pokemon Diamond Pearl remake and sequel to Pokemon Let’s Go, however, as both seem inevitable at some point.

There are just too many tie ins with Kalos to ignore. The other alternative is the Pokemon Company had a return to Kalos ready to go but have decided to shelve it. Perhaps more will be revealed soon.

Despite launching over 20 years ago, the Pokemon Trading Card Game has exploded in popularity in 2020. Items once thought worthless can now sell for thousands of dollars. Here are the top five most valuable ones.

Not many could imagine in 1999 that Pokemon cards would one day be worth a lot of money. However over two decades later, rare items from the TCG have absolutely skyrocketed in value.

From special tournament prizes, to shadowless 1st Edition monsters from the base set, here are the top five rarest and most expensive collectibles on the market today.

Before we jump into it, it should be noted that top lists are almost always up for debate. A card’s value can be determined by the highest its ever sold at auction, or what it sells for on average. Prices also wildly fluctuate with the market, and are largely dependent on the item’s grading and condition.

A bit of an oddity, the rare promo card dawns the artwork of none other than the CEO and President of the Pokemon Company Tsunekazu Ishihara. According to interviews, the card was actually given out to each employee at the executive’s birthday in 2017.

The extremely scarce item sold at auction in April for $50,000. Reports also estimate that only 30 to 60 of these cards may exist, although it’s hard to know for sure unless more of them make their way out into the public.

The first of the “prize” rarities on the list is the Family Event Trophy card, which could only be obtained by participating in a special tournament in Japan. The adorable item features Kangaskhan with its baby in its pouch.

Fittingly, the contest required both a child and their parent to participate alongside each other in battles. According to reports, there are only 11 of these currently in existence that have been graded.

Just like the previous entry on the list, the Trainer Number cards were handed out at the Japan World Championship. Since these cards were given to winners, it makes their population extremely scarce.

The prize cards also came in different versions for each year, such as the 1998 iteration which has a Mewtwo silhouette instead of Pikachu. That version sold for a whopping $90k in July. Although it’s the Pikachu edition that fetches a lot more.

As almost any kid that grew up in the 90s can attest to, Charizard has always been the crown jewel. If you didn’t have one, you desperately opened booster pack after booster pack trying to obtain it.

1st Edition versions of this 1999 base card can go for an absurd amount. Even more so if it’s “shadowless” – an early print version that doesn’t have a shadow around the art’s border.

On October 9, 2020 former rapper and Twitch streamer Logic paid over $226k for a Grade 10 1st Edition Charizard, setting a new bar for the fire Pokemon card.

Without a doubt the rarest of the rare is the elusive Pikachu Illustrator card. In 1997, CoroCoro held an art competition where winners were given the stunning item which depicts the Electric-type adorably drawing other monsters.

Over the last five years, the card has consistently sold around $195k to $200k. However, in 2020, one fetched a whopping $250,000, eclipsing the previous record of $243,000 that another one fetched back in 2019.

According to reports, less than 20 of them are known to exist – almost guaranteeing that its price will continue to grow in the coming years.

Source: https://www.dexerto.com/pokemon/is-kalos-region-finally-coming-to-pokemon-sword-and-shield-1428071/

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