Bad news for users with iOS 14 : YouTube a bloqué le mode Picture-in-Picture. This means that it is no longer possible to put a video in a corner of the screen and do something else at the same time on your iPhone..

Picture-in-Picture is new to iOS 14 which can be used by any application. YouTube app does not support Picture-in-Picture, but a trick was to go through Safari, go to, start a video, put it in full screen and press the dedicated Picture-in-Picture icon to have the video in a corner of the screen. This is the method that YouTube has decided to block today.

This method also made it possible to have audio playback in the background and we can easily understand why YouTube blocked the method.. Indeed, listening in the background is a feature available with YouTube Premium, the paid YouTube offer, and the video service doesn't want everyone suddenly to have a free equivalent.

There is still another trick to find Picture-in-Picture on YouTube : open Safari, go to, select a video, tap the letters "aA" to the left of the Safari address bar and choose "Desktop version". Once it's done, play the video and you can find Picture-in-Picture.

Update Users who have YouTube Premium and go through the YouTube site rather than the app say they still have access to Picture-in-Picture mode. Proof that YouTube voluntarily set aside free users.

Why YouTube is blocking him no interest unless he offers the option in the YouTube subscription that would be abused

Oh my God ! Unbelievable ! But you are right, these multibillion dollar companies are doing it all just to make money ... oh, shock ! I didn't even imagine.

There's no shortage of alternatives, I have one in mind, it's Bittube, the problem is the difficulty of making a majority of users understand that it is necessary to have good digital hygiene and that's not a piece of cake people only think in terms of fashion and desire they will rarely choose a service because he is ethical or protective for them. I hope that national education will do its job one day on this subject, but given the thickness of dust that we find on this institution, it is not won ...

This is a premium feature , it is in the conditions of service. If you. disagree do not use the service ...

It is anything you say. I have premium youtube and on ipad or iphone no way to have the PIP in the app ...

AdGuard, it works every time, it can even block ads in other apps like leboncoin by creating a VPN that filters.

No the YouTube ad between the videos is difficult to block .. there is Blokada and Nextdns ( the best free)

You must enter YouTube from safari, one on YouTube you have to put safari in "computer version" choose the video and once the video starts you have to put in full screen, and voila, we can put youtube in PIP

Long live the jailbreak option available free of charge Running its ads without serious stopping In addition to blocking them Tip • 2 does not work or I did not understand

I don't have 4K on YouTube from my Apple TV 4K, I have 1gbps fiber and a 4k tv. Do you have this problem ? I find nothing on the internet

It was supposed to come out with the new version of TVOS, but YouTube has not yet uploaded the update which activates 4K.

And I just said a bullshit, it’s not YouTube that hangs around but TVOS that does not support a codec. See the previous article.

I still ask myself the question of how is it that YouTube knows that we are using this feature. This is an option related to safari and therefore we should be able to use our browser as we see fit without the site knowing how we are using it. I may be saying bullshit I don't know anything about it, I'm just asking myself the question

Ha if its just working the computer mode is having trouble activating on the page. Its safe works Firefox and Edge. Same manipulation

😁ah ah ah long live the jailbreak 😍no worries of blocking anything 😈😈😈

As cybermad would say,they piss off they just have to create their phone and their os Ah that's nerd that's the case here 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

idem + an iCloud shortcut going to full screen and then even in PiP the video.

@didierAh bah not even me. I just use youtube on safari, I click on the PIP button and hop, it's over ^^

Between the advertising and the quality of its disgusting must be motivated to use it in background music !

For those for whom the pip works , you use your google account when you launch youtube ? If yes , try without logging into your account.

Just launch the video from Firefox Focus and everything works fine for me 🙂

I already found the solution the same day it was made impossible. Load your page in Computer version, start the video in full screen, problem solved.

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World news – FR – iOS 14 : YouTube bloque le mode Picture-in-Picture (PiP) in Safari

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