Immortals Fenyx Rising is coming to Switch this December, and is shaping up to be quite an epic adventure.

Mixing elements of the studio’s Assassin’s Creed franchise with Greek mythology and a customisable protagonist (who can also fly, Kid Icarus-style), this open-world adventure is looking extremely appealingnot least because Ubisoft seems to have taken a significant amount of inspiration from Nintendo’s Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as you can see from the gamplay footage below. This could make the game a surprise hit with Switch fans this Christmas.

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I will get it for sure but I do not if Switch will be the right platform.

I really do have high hopes for this game on switch, i have been watching out for it since the beginning i just hope i’m not disappointed with the gameplay.

I think it’s looking good and if it’s trying to improve some of Botw mechanics then I don’t see the issue here.
This is, perhaps, how a new Kid Icarus game should be and, for the moment, this is going to be my Xmas game unless something more interesting comes up.

Yup,this game definitely looks like a mix of BotW and Kid Icarus, which is why I’m pretty excited for this.

Ubisoft’s Gods & Monsters Really Does Look Like Zelda: Breath Of The Wild
Ubisoft’s God & Monsters Is Now Officially Known As Immortals Fenyx Rising
Immortals Fenyx Rising Sure Does Remind Us Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

In any case, BotW was all the open world I need on my switch right now, so instead, I’ll wait patiently for BotW 2.

Sadly this doesn’t seem like a game for me. Don’t get me wrong, it looks lovely and I’m absolutely down for another BotW-like, but the world looks way too busy, like it’s trying too hard to have every place full of content. Also, I heard that the story wants to be more of a comedy, with silly dialog and 4th wall breaking and I hate that.

It does look quite a bit like Breath of the Wild and is why I wouldn’t mind giving it a go

I think the Nintendo audience is much more suited to this game also so I hope it runs well and sells well and ensures more Switch support from Ubisoft in the future and more new IPs.

As soon as I saw the copy-paste of the magnesis rune being used in Gods and Monsters (the new name is stupid AF) my interest dropped significantly.

BOTW made such a huge ripple in the gaming world it seems that it will now be its own reference point like WoW became for mmog games so expect games in the future to be described as BOTW-esque like WOW-esque or Metroidvania style. That said; I see in my future many fun hours of unabashed delight playing this game!

I wish games would be lambasted for taking far too much inspiration as opposed to applauded. In the 80s and 90s they got branded as rip offs. These days it’s ‘perfect sensecommercially. Anyhoo, there is nothing here that captures my imagination because BotW already did. I supposes it’s nice for gamers who think Nintendo is for kids lol.

@Rebusmind That’s interesting, my chief gripe with botw is that it’s way too empty, with a lot of dull spots in between the exciting parts. I like how busy this game looks, but I’m hoping the slow down parts are optional, or linked to a power or something.

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