ID R&D’s single-image passive biometric liveness solution has passed Level 2 testing by iBeta Quality Assurance for compliance to the ISO/IEC 30107-3 presentation attack detection (PAD) standard with zero spoofs allowed.

IDLive Face is the first passive, single frame PAD solution and is the first in its class to achieve the result on a Level 2 test, according to the company announcement. The solution also passed Level 1 testing from iBeta with no errors in early 2020.

The Level 2 test included 1,500 total presentation attacks on two smartphones, a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and an iPhone 6S Plus. None of the attacks were successful, for an Attack Presentation Classification Error Rate (APCER) of 0 percent.

ID R&D says its liveness detection has the advantages that it requires no additional software on the capture side, generates no incremental increase in traffic to the server, making it ideal for customers in low-bandwidth areas, and that it eliminates the vulnerability that arises from separating the image capture for liveness detection and face recognition. IDLive Face also determines liveness in under a second and as a passive system, it enables easy integration as a separate incident function requiring no change to the user interface. The company’s algorithms can be applied to any images that meet the minimum requirements for selfie biometric comparisons.

“Passing iBeta Level 1 and 2 PAD compliance testing with a fully passive, single frame product is a true milestone in enabling strong, frictionless identity verification. Other companies take different approaches, not because they want to make the user experience harder, but because detecting liveness without extra movements and images or video is a huge challenge,” states ID R&D Chief Science Officer Konstantin Simonchik in the announcement. “Not only is this a tremendous achievement for the team, but a demonstration of significant technological progress — further proving that Artificial Intelligence can surpass human vision and that Human Intelligence can surpass any AI issue.”

The IDLive Face passive liveness solution from ID R&D is now in production for more than 25 biometric systems integrators, eKYC solution providers, and enterprise customers around the world, despite having been released only last August.

The company’s passive facial liveness technology is one of the innovations which led Opus Research to declare ID R&D the company with the highest strategic potential in its class in a recent report.

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World news – THAT – ID R&D passive biometric liveness detection passes Level 2 iBeta testing

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