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In what is being termed as ‘microevolution’, scientists have found that babies are now being born with a slightly smaller jaw and extra bones in their legs and feet

For years, we have all thought that human beings have evolved to their maximum. But researchers have now revealed that human babies are now being born with slightly different features.

In what is being termed as ‘microevolution’, scientists have found that babies are now being born with a slightly smaller jaw and extra bones in their legs and feet.

The babies are also being born without wisdom teeth now, but they seem to have an extra artery in their arms.

The study was published in a study that was published in the Journal of Anatomy. The researchers of this study have claimed that human are evolving at a rate faster than any other creature or humans in the past have evolved at.

The change in wisdom teeth is because over time the human mouths have gotten smaller, which has resulted in less room for teeth in our mouths now.

Dr Teghan Lucas from Flinders University, Adelaide explained that due to our increased ability to chew food and also natural selection, fewer babies have wisdom teeth now.

“A lot of people thought humans have stopped evolving. But our study shows we are still evolving – faster than at any point in the past 250 years,” she added.

As for the artery, the median artery forms when a baby is in its mother’s womb, but used to disappear after the baby was born. However, now, one in three people have their median arteries throughout their lives. ALthough, the researchers have assured that this poses no danger to the human lives.

Calling it ‘micro evolution’, Author Professor Maciej Henneberg explained, “The median artery is a perfect example of how we are still evolving because people born more recently have a higher prevalence of this artery when compared to humans from previous generations.”

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World news – GB – Human ‘microevolution’ forming more arteries, less wisdom teeth in babies

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