Pokemon Go has finally introduced Mega Evolution into the game. This guide will help players Unlock The Mega Bracelet During the Mega September Event.

The Mega Bracelet makes its appearance in Pokemon Go. This guide will help players unlock it. Mega Evolution has finally made its appearance in Pokemon Go. Originating from the sixth generation with Pokemon X and Y, Mega Evolution allows certain Pokemon to unlock a temporary fourth form of evolution while in battle. These fourth forms come with incredible power and speed boost like no other. Pokemon like Mewtwo, Charizard, Blastoise, and Pinsir all have Mega Evolutions to unlock. Although, it does function a bit differently in Pokemon Go when compared to the mainline titles. Here’s how players can unlock the Mega Bracelet for the Mega September Event in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go remains one of the most popular mobile titles in the world. Even during a global pandemic, players are able to play the game from the safety of their own homes. Niantic, the developer behind Pokemon Go actually had its more profitable quarter during the global pandemic. This is due to players investing their time and money into the game to keep themselves occupied at home. The game also featured some minor changes like decreasing the distance needed to interact with gyms and Pokestops, an increase in Incense length, and allowing players to participate in the Battle League without any cooldown. Here’s how players can unlock the Mega Bracelet in Pokemon Go.

While the Mega Bracelet is the primary tool for Mega Evolution in the mainline titles, in Pokemon Go, it only functions as an avatar item. Players are able to purchase the Mega Bracelet as a wearable item in the shop. The Mega Bracelet itself sells for 100 PokeCoins and comes in Yellow, Red, Blue, and Silver. Once again, it does not play an actual function in the game. It has just become available for this month.

Pokemon Go continues to add new generations of Pokemon every year. The game is slowly approaching releasing Pokemon from the sixth generation like fan-favorite Greninja, Diancie, and Diggersby. It may be a few more years before Pokemon Go catches up to the mainline titles, but the game is doing a great job in keeping players attention on the game. With new raid battles every week showing off new legendary Pokemon and their potential shiny forms, there is still so much to accomplish in the game. Pokemon Go remains one of the best mobile titles out there.

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