If you’re new to Genshin Impact, you may be wondering how to heal your characters. After all, much of the game is based around combat, and damage tends to go both ways. Luckily for you, we know how to heal in Genshin Impact, though which way is best will be determined by how you like to play.

There are three ways to heal characters in Genshin Impact. You can either restore health through skills, interact with a Statue of the Seven, or heal by eating food.

Of the three choices, eating food is the simplest option. This is available for all characters, and it doesn’t involve tracking down a Statue of the Seven. Otherwise, you can also choose swap to specific characters that offer abilities that can restore health.

The easiest way to heal your characters is by eating food. The world of Genshin Impact is full of different crafting components that can be used to cook various recipes. You can find these items simply sitting out in the wild, or you may receive them after slaying monsters.

Once you’ve got a few cooking ingredients, you can take them to either a stove or a campfire. From there, you’ll be able to cook recipes like Black-Back Perch Stew, Chicken-Mushroom Skewers, or Squirrel Fish. These and several others will restore your health. Certain recipes, such as Tea Break Pancakes or Tevat Fried Eggs, can also revive your incapacitated characters before healing them.

Certain characters in Genshin Impact can use healing skills to restore their own health or the health of nearby party members and allies. Of all the characters, Barbara is the main healer, since she has several different abilities that either restore or generate HP.

The final way to heal in Genshin Impact is to find a Statue of the Seven. There aren’t many of these — nine in total, at least so far — and they’re not always easy to reach. However, if you can track one down, they’ll heal your entire party. They can also increase your max stamina, adjust the talents of the Traveler, and reveal certain parts of the in-game map.

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