The pandemic is tough on everyone, but when big fires, massive lightning storms and heat waves also join in, it’s like living in a science fiction movie.

They look like scenes taken from the movie Blade Runer 2049. But they are pictures taken on September 9 by Business Insider journalist Katie Canales. It’s barely 11 a.m. in San Francisco, but it looks like it’s getting dark in a gloomy sunset.

A sun that in the Californian city they have not seen for two weeks, but that last Wednesday he reminded everyone that he had not gone anywhere, dyeing the sky orange.

Since last August, California has literally burned in flames. Dozens of fires including the second and third largest in its history. Fires that have flooded the sky with smoke, hiding the sun for days in many cities, when said smoke mixes with pollution. Still that is not enough to produce the phenomenon of the orange sky.

It is not clear how the fires started, but it is known that they spread because of storms with abundant electrical charge in the form of lightning.

The orange sky of last Wednesday in San Francisco has a scientific explanation. A fog was produced from the sea that prevented the smoke from reaching the ground, mixing with the air in the upper layers. Smoke carries ashes and other particles that block sunlight from reaching the ground, generating the effect of orange sky.

The Boeing 747 is one of President Donald Trump’s preferred modes of transportation, but it also joins Marine One, a helicopter, and The Beast, the Cadillac limousine for ground travel.

At least, if that’s a relief, this effect makes the air that San Francisco residents breathe less polluted than other days, because the smoke has been slowed down by fog. The city authorities have asked citizens to in the days of more contamination do not go out to the streets if it is not necessary.

We live in strange times where events and scenes take place that, just a year ago, would seem like science fiction to us.

In California they wait for the arrival of the rains so that all the fires are put out, and the sky can return to normal. They miss the sun, and the clear, clean skies. Then it will be time to assess the consequences of those fires …


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