HearthStone is not done with new adventures. Indeed, the card game released for the first time in 2014 Once again with a brand new extension.

This new expansion of HearthStone, named Hearthstone : Crazy day in Darkmoon, will offer players the opportunity to engulf the noise and din of Azeroth's Traveling Fair from 17 November 2020. A good opportunity for budding players to watch amazing shows, to discover exotic beasts, and of course, to stock up on cards since this DLC will contain a total of 135 new collectible cards. These cards will be able to show their strengths on Scholomance, a brand new game board.

Among these new cards, we find the very old gods, C’thun, N’Zoth, Yogg-Saron and Y’Shaarj which correspond to different deck types. Each of these Gods also has a Battle Cry capable of turning the tide.. for example, Yogg-Saron, the master of fate, will be able to spin the Darkmoon Wheel when the player has cast ten or more spells during the game. In Crazy Darkmoon Day, players will also be able to use powerful artifacts with powers as formidable as those of the Old Gods.

Cards with unique characteristics are also added to the battlefield. These are the Corrupt cards. Cards that improve when the player uses expensive cards

Plan your actions and upgrade your Corrupted cards before playing them to unleash their devastating effects !

The 17 November, simultaneously with the launch of Mad Day in Darkmoon, HearthStone will also welcome a brand new game mode. This mode, named Duels, will bring together the fun side of the Donjon Spree and the competition aspect of the ranked games. In this new game mode, participants will face a series of human players and improve their decks between each game.

In this mode, you will choose a hero, heroic power, special treasure and build a starter deck with 15 cards from your collection before facing a series of valiant human opponents. Between each part, you will improve your deck by adding minions, spells and mighty treasures ! You'll get early access to Duels with your pre-purchase of Crazy Darkmoon Day.

Note that players who pre-order Crazy Darkmoon Day will be entitled to early access to Duels mode.. This mode will be accessible when the player has reached the level 10 with all hero classes in the game.

On the occasion of the arrival of this new DLC, Blizzard Entertainment takes the opportunity to review its progression and rewards systems, starting with the addition of several tools including an achievement system that identifies achievements, a central rewards path for all rewards outside the standard and free formats, daily and weekly quests and finally, an improved profile page listing all player information (ranks and statistics). Everything will be available on 12 next november.

To finish, the 17 Next November will also mark the launch of the last phase of the Year of the Phoenix. This phase 3 will offer many balancing updates, new heroes and minions for the battlefields, a brand new seasonal event, a new game mode as well as 35 additional cards.

As a reminder, HearthStone : Mad Day in Darkmoon will be released on 17 next november. Content will be available for pre-purchase starting tonight, from 19 hours. Please note that it will also be possible to obtain Darkmoon Silas for free by logging into the game after 19 hours.

Why, rather than going out of extensions every 2 month, they wouldn't rather do an extension roll to play? There is enough card in the deck to actually allow this. Season genre 1 gnome et goblins + lk and season 2 you just change the cards available in the standard format.

So everyone could come back to level even new players and it would create new combos

No thanks, to play 3 games per day to have a few viable cards or to pay 40 booster balls or competition (Magic and Legends of Runeterra among others) allows you to unlock cards quickly enough without having to pay continuously and which has a counter strategy that does not require you to have to buy expansion cards to have a viable deck.
It's been a long time since I've been fooled by this game.

It's crazy how hearthstone's artistic style has changed since about 3/4 years, there are only children's themes and drawings

It's crazy how hearthstone's artistic style has changed since about 3/4 years, there are only children's themes and drawings

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World news – FR – HearthStone unveils Mad Day in Darkmoon, its new extension

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