It’s highly recommended that you hold off on collecting all of these audio logs until after you’ve beaten the game.

With Halo 3: ODST on the Master Chief Collection for PC, players have got some more Halo collectible-hunting to do. ODST has 30 audio logs to be found, 29 in the Mombasa Streets level and one final audio log in Data Hive, which will only appear if you’ve collected the other 29. It’s highly recommended that you hold off on collecting all of these audio logs until after you’ve beaten the game, in which you can load up the final rally point of Mombasa Streets, which is free roam.

Every audio log will come with a screenshot of the map location. You’ll notice that in the middle of the map is a large hub with six roads extending off. At least one of these six roads is present in most of the map screenshots, so use those as a good reference for where to look. Locate the green arrow in the pictures and head to that location to find the audio logs. The first 29 audio logs will give you 5 Gamerscore each, while the last one will give you 10G for the log itself, and 10G for collecting them all, so there are plenty of achievements to go around.

The first audio log can be found under a large overhang. It is will be the second computer on the right.

The next audio log is the computer to the right of the door on the platform above street level. This area is typically filled with many brutes and engineers.

The next one will be up the northeast staircase of this courtyard. It is the second telephone from the right.

On the southwestern side of the this open area, the fourth audio log can be phone at the rightmost telephone under the overhang.

Enter the underground garage through the northeastern corner of the block. Head along the right side once inside and you will find the audio log next to a health station.

In the opposite corner of the same block, you can find the next audio log at the recruiting center near the closed route.

At the northwest corner of the building, there is a door that you can take to enter the building, pictured below, underneath the redaccess denied” screen. Once inside, head to the opposite corner of the room and the audio log can be found against the wall.

This audio log can also be found through a tall door like the last one. You can see Rookie looking at it in the picture below. Head up the ramp to it and open it to find the audio log immediately in front of you.

The ninth audio log can be found in the very center of this intersection, within the cluster of four telephones.

Enter the courtyard through the door on the southwest side. The audio log can be found inside the gazebo to the right of the entrance.

The next audio log can be found in the area west of the previous audio log’s intersection. It is located at ground level in the recruiting center.

In the southeast corner of the map, an audio log can be found to the right of theRoute Open” door, on the upper platform. Use the crates to hop up to where the red “J” door is, and the audio log will be the rightmost telephone.

On the building with the very large “6”, there are two small staircases in the front leading up to a platform. At the top of the right set of stairs, the audio log will be right in front of you.

Near the center hub of the map, head up the staircase to the bridge and take a left. At the far end of the bridge is the audio log in a telephone.

Located underneath an overhang near the central hub, this next audio log can be found at the leftmost telephone.

Underneath theUNSC = LIARSgraffiti, a UNSC recruitment center can be seen up against the wall, directly across the road from the building with the large “4”. This is your 16th audio log.

In the absolute southeast of the map, head through the doors into the underground complex. Down the stairs and on your right, you can find the audio log in the corner.

In the eastern corner of the same block as the previous audio log, head up the staircase and you should see a health station. This is your audio log.

At the far-east side of the east-facing road from the hub, enter into the building form the northwest corner. Traverse through the hallway until you pass a telephone sitting on a counter to the right of a television.

Directly outside the gate in the east-facing road, there is a health station on the south side. This is the 20th audio log.

North of the gate where you found the previous audio log, head east at the courtyard to find the audio log along the south wall on a health station.

North of the previous courtyard, you can find the audio log on the middle platform against a pillar. These are the platforms you will pass immediately as you enter the area.

At the northeast-most courtyard of the map, in the very center, an audio log can be found in the Optican health station.

At the most northern courtyard of Mombasa Streets, enter through the open door in the south corner of the area. Head upstairs and follow the hallway around to find the audio log telephone on the balcony.

At the end of a road, northeast of the NMPD Headquarters, you can find audio log #25 at a UNSC recruitment center.

Now southeast of the NMPD Headquarters, an audio log can be found near the north corner of the courtyard, next to a palm tree.

Just outside the southmost locked gate of the north-facing hub road, the UNSC recruitment center is this area’s audio log.

Head up to the upper platform on the side of the road to find a secret door. Enter through this door and head to the northern, triangular patch of grass to find the audio log.

To the left of the shattered piece of glass, you can find a hidden entrance into a diamond-shaped courtyard. On the far end of this area, you should be able to see a UNSC recruitment center in plain sight.

This final audio log is the only one that isn’t in Mombasa Streets, and will only appear if the other 29 audio logs have been collected. Exit Mombasa Streets and load up the level Data Hive from Rally Point Bravo. You can do so on any difficulty. Play through the level a bit, until you reach the icy area of the hive. Clear out the enemies in this room and then keep an eye on your marine pal. After a minute, he will open a door and run through it. Follow him through and you can find the final audio log in the back left of the room.

This is the final audio log of the game, and will earn you two achievement: Audiophile for finding the 30th audio log and Record Shop Owner for nabbing all the collectibles.

Gavin Burtt is a news, guide and list writer for TheGamer based up north in Ontario, Canada. Gavin has worked as a walkthrough editor and overseer for the TrueGaming network and has been an avid Xbox achievement hunter for years, accumulating over 700,000 gamerscore to this date. When he’s not writing or gaming, he’s focusing on his physics studies for Queen’s University.


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