Black Friday 2020 is fast approaching, and if you’re anything like us you’ll likely be keeping an eye out for Nintendo-based bargains this Friday 27th November. Jostling for deals in crowded stores isn’t something we’d recommend at the best of times, but Black Friday 2020 should be quite different to the average annual bargain hunt — avoiding the Black Friday crowds this year is an absolute necessity rather than a general desire!

Fortunately, there’s just as much action going down online, with plenty of deals available without leaving the comfort of your couch — as is usually the case on Cyber Monday (so named for the plethora of online discounts to be found on the world wide web on the Monday after Black Friday). For gamers, it’s the perfect time to stock up on goodies ahead of the festive season.

This year you’ll find some bargains on Nintendo Switch (and Nintendo Switch Lite) console bundles, as well as games for Switch. There are plenty of deals on accessories and those lovely micro SD cards to boost your Switch storage. Whether you’re looking to catch up with something that passed you by, or find a stocking filler at the best possible pre-Christmas price, something below will surely fit the bill.

We’ve compiled some of the best Nintendo deals and most useful links for Black Friday 2020 so far; we’ll be updating frequently so be sure to bookmark this page if you’re keen to find a bargain.

We’ll continue to update this guide as discounts drop, dry up, and drop again over the frenzied Friday period, and into Cyber Monday.

Please note that some external links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you click them and make a purchase we may receive a small percentage of the sale. Please read our FTC Disclosure for more information.

As always, point us to any great deals that are missing, and we’ll update this guide throughout the day as more discount deals go live.

Darren is Nintendo Life’s Batman: fearless in the face of danger, he loves gadgets and talking in a really, really deep voice. As Operations Director he stays mostly behind the scenes in a room he insists on calling “The Batcave”.

These deals are really poor, like .99p off the Fornite Bundle for example. You can easily save more money by simply not buying these from Amazon.

Wish there was another handheld on the market to compete with Switch to drive competitive pricing like we see with xbox/ps5.

@EngineerMario what are you talking about? It’s RRP is £279.99, if you’re paying £677 or £308 you’re massively overpaying.

Switch sales make me laugh – you can buy the Xbox series S and witcher 3 GOTY cheaper than a switch Lite and witcher 3 “in the sale”

Just a heads up. NL is pretty good at following the UK black friday deals. But if you are in the US, last year NintendoLife’s coverage of the US black friday deals was abysmal. They basically just stuck to the officially announced deals from Nintendo themselves, and didnt bother covering much else. So far this year looks like its heading in the same direction. I would look elsewhere if you want to get updated details on what deals major retailers are offering.

I’m really disappointed in NL with this. Amazon pays a disgustingly low amount of tax to the British government for incredible amount of business it does here.

Especially considering the economy and UK retail is taking such a battering due to COVID – as a UK based site I’d expect better.

Plus, other sites are offering better deals – these are just off-load bundles with little or no savings – just shop around.

Thats the Trick, put the Price up just here and there and than you can say: It is 70% cheaper!

Mostly they are tricking People with those Offers or just want to get rid of the old Models.

@Dirty0814 but it is a brand new next gen console that is cheaper than a handheld thats over a year old. Gotta love that Nintentax

I’m personally waiting for the eShop deals that will be coming Cyber Monday through the first of the year.

@COVIDberry it is considering they are usually all over other US focused Nintendo News. In fact it seems like they cover more US Nintendo news than they do for their home country. Doug Bowser and Reggie are constant headlines here. They just dont put effort into the Black Friday coverage. Its disappointing to the end that they might as well just not put up a US deal section.

@TJM just imagine if you were in the US – we use our taxes to PAY AMAZON to move in then don’t tax them even though they’re owned by the richest living human

But not putting much hope. Chances are, for my region, the games will still be cheaper for me than the US ones. Worse case is games at my region still be cheaper without discount than US ones with discount…

Most people on here more than likely own a switch anyway and if you want a game you’ll get it regardless weather it’s discounted. I’ve gone all digital with my switch so much of the discounts I’ll miss but I save money on only buying games I know I’ll get my money’s worth out of

I’m waiting for some good digital deals. Dreaming is never a bad thing. Let’s wait and see…

I’ll prob hold off on any deals considering AoC is so close and I have to wait on that. Maybe ill grab some eshop deals though

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