Great tourism 7 looks set to be a complete celebration of the franchise’s two-decade history, with the upcoming PlayStation 5 instalment promising to “ignite your personal passion for cars with features inspired by the past, present, and future of Gran Turismo”. A new PlayStation website recap reveals that you’ll find something to enjoy “whether you’re a competitive racer, collector, fine-tuning builder, livery designer, photographer, or arcade fan”.

The summary continues: “From classic vehicles and tracks to the reintroduction of the legendary GT Simulation Mode – enjoy the best features from past instalments of the series. And if you love to race – practice and compete in the FIA Championships and Sport Mode. But Gran Turismo 7 is also about more than racing. Refine and create in the evolved tuning and customisation mode or improve your skills and racing strategies through Driving School.”

The release will run in 4K at 60 frames-per-second with HDR, and you’ll be able to select from a “huge variety of cars with no loading times”. It’ll also utilise the features of the DualSense controller for added immersion, while the Tempest Engine will enable you to “hear clear 3D audio positioning and spatial expression of depth and height in replays”. Sounds like a winner, doesn’t it? Let’s hope this one isn’t far off, too.

A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy’s covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it. He also likes tennis games way more than you.

Hoping this hits 2021 but with Polyphony who knows. Will be on the grid day 1 whenever we get it, I’m sure it’s gonna be a banger on the PS5!

Very cool, exactly what I’m hoping for. I could see myself spending many, many hours on this game.

Okay, all this stuff being uploaded to the Playstation website… they gotta be up to something right? There’s gotta be something bigger coming soon.

Want it to get back to what made me want to play it in the past.

Still can’t believe Sony is getting all these first party games out the first year of PS5…Should be a really fun time for PS5, and we surely need it after this 2020.

@S1ayeR74 It does indeed feature ray tracing. A description of which has already been discussed at Digital Foundry for the footage already shown to the public. It’s 1080p/1440p ray traced reflections/shadows by the looks of it, and that is then upscaled on the fly each frame. Which is what many games will be utilising.

Looking forward to this, although I never tune the cars as I have no idea what I’m doing lol. But I still love a good racing game. It would have been amazing if they could have finished this for release day of ps5, but going on past records wouldn’t expect it till 2022 tbh any sooner is a bonus lol.

I’ve paid for my PS5 so i won’t to see everything now Sony! Delivery is about 6 weeks away so i think we are due a very in-depth presentation now.

Will my TRS300 Steering Wheel be supported? I hope I’m not forced to buy another wheel like I had to going from PS3 to PS4.

Never played GT before but the gameplay for 7 looked fun definitely gonna pick it up

The main menu did remind me of the first GT game in the Demo I saw of GT7. Can’t wait for this game

@bighal Wheels emulate the Dualshock itself, and seeing as Dualshocks won’t be usable with PS5 games, I’d guess not, sadly. But do keep your eyes peeled, they may somehow offer extended support for PS4 Dualshock emulating wheels. Right now I’d say no, and be happily surprised if it’s a yes.

This is a day one purchase for me, can’t wait to be honest. As others have said it wold be nice to have bit more VR included this time around!

@Amppari That’s brilliant news for gamers, so that great. Sort of weakens their argument regarding not supporting Dualshock 4 though, but hey, its progress! Thanks for letting us know! I haven’t seen it confirmed anywhere.

@sajoey It could also just be that they realized they’re selling an all-digital console with no way for people to pre-order digital games other than through the website. Really hoping you’re right though!

@ThaBEN nothing has been said about this, that I’ve seen… however the ps5 has more than enough power to be able to play the whole game in VR, which is what I’m counting on. the psvr time trials you can do in GTsport are absolutely amazing and l really am hoping for full online racing in VR this time…

If GT7 releases in late 2021 or even 2022, that’ll be right in line with when I plan to upgrade to a PS5. My previous 3 PlayStations were all bought because of Gran Turismo, and the PS5 / GT7 will carry on that tradition.

Sounds absolutely perfect. Nice to see they appear to have listened to all the initial negative reviews to GT Sport.

Admittedly through various updates they did eventually redeem themselves but GT sport at launch was absolutely shocking

They need to have all the classic tracks, classic single player campaign and a lot more “regular cars” for me to buy it this time around. GT sport was decent but didn’t feel like a true gt game.

Gonna buy a spanking brand new racing wheel for this. Can’t wait to hit that used car garage up again.

Hard to believe we haven’t had a decent GT since PS3 days. I for one have missed them. Can’t wait to turbo up a crappy Volvo once again

So, will I still be able to destroy all races in a fully tuned Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo whist listening to tantalizing J-fusion by Masahiro Andoh?

@God_of_Nowt If that’s the case that’s very poor for a racing game, usually the easiest games to make run at 60FPS or faster, not really good if it can’t run at 4K 60FPS with ray tracing in 2020 on new hardware not in the market yet.

@sajoey RTX is an brand for Nvidias GPU cards, it has nothing to do with ray tracing.

I bought my Mitsubishi GTO twin turbo 10 years ago because I fell in love whilst doing exactly this!!


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World news – THAT – Great tourism 7 on PS5 Inspired by Franchise’s Past, Present, and Future

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