Google announces big changes for its app (and its service) Photos. Until now, a Google account made it possible to store an unlimited number of "high quality" photos for free. From June 1 2021, the search engine tightens the screw : free storage will stop at 15 Go. Ensuite, you will have to put your hand in your pocket and buy additional storage in Google One.

New photos and videos uploaded from Google Photos as of June 1 will be deducted from the envelope shared between Google Drive, Gmail and Photos. Until the fatal date, nothing changes, all images will continue to be saved in high quality as they are now, they will not count in the free envelope of 15 Go. Google is warning today to give millions of users time to turn around for another online storage solution if they wish.

This change in size does not affect the images uploaded in original quality. : they are already deducted from the storage space (read this Google support sheet). Pixel owners, from the first to the last generation, will continue to enjoy free, unlimited storage in high quality, including after June 1 2021.

Google has established that more than 80% of Photos users will have three years before they reach the limit of 15 Go. To give an estimate of the time remaining before exceeding the envelope, the search engine put this tool online :

From June 1, a new function of Google Photos will manage the backup of photos and videos in the Google cloud. The user can decide to keep or delete certain documents.

This change comes as Google intends to charge for access to certain features of its Photos app, while the bouquet of paid services Google One continues to improve (read : Google will include a VPN in its Google One subscription 2 To).

For a more expensive and lower quality dairy ?
If you took the photo service tour you would understand…

I have an iCloud plan and have never had a problem !
A photo taken with the iPhone is also in the cloud and available on my mac and my iPad transparently!
Why a third-party application in the background?
Saying that the iPhone battery is bad maybe 😂
Frankly, there is always someone to try to disparage !

It’s a game worry you 😂!
Even he is aware that what he says does not make sense (finally I hope for him 😂) but bashing is fashion 😂😂

In any case, I didn't understand the Google thing. 🙄 luckily there is iCloud

To say that Google is not horrible and does very well in photo services is bashing…
I remain speechless

I never said the opposite….
I am well aware that iCloud works perfectly. Why this victim syndrome ?

Give your photos to Google so they can stuff themselves with data and perfect their algorithms.
And they allow themselves to charge now…
You talk about a creamery

My fingers crossed that the Amazon cloud photos (included with premium) don't follow this path …

With Amazon Prime you already pay something.
And the Google photo subscription will probably be cheaper than that.

Well, we'll have to find an alternative ! Suggestions ? Or maybe Apple storage. But I find the sharing functions relatively painful

The best yet with this private website for those outside the Apple ecosystem 👍

Pity, it was very useful !!
Will have to go back to the old days and download the photos to the computer when the devices are shielded in storage.

iCloud works fine. 3€ / month for 200 Go. Only regret, no package between 200 Go et 2To.
Secure PCloud offers inexpensive plans. Still better than Google Photos and its privacy… 😏

And if you don't need 200GB, for 1 € you have 50GB. For the moment, it's still enough for me (but more for very lgtps)

👍🏻 I took the 2TB years ago with a single lifetime price. Today, if I bring back what I paid per month, it's ridiculous. But it's always the same, you have to be able to take out a nice sum instantly
Knowing that they also make the 500GB, a trifle

Apple to release RAW format later this year for iPhones 12 and following… The majority of users will not use it, but photo enthusiasts will enjoy it and indeed, at 10 Mo la photo minimum, will need Go.
There is ProtonDrive on the way too.

Yes, anyway, with time, the photos will be heavier and heavier

It is true. You're right, I would even say that the increase in the weight of videos goes faster than those of photos elsewhere

It's simple, now that people have gotten used to it they can afford to charge.
But personally I prefer companies that are honest from the start and that don't attract users with free that won't last.,

So Google is dishonest ? It must do 10 years that it's free… the service is starting to get really, really popular (student circles often use this for example), it is normal to limit…

And unlike a just cause (do not pollute downstairs) you don't want to pay for, there you will be happy to do it because the “service is really fantastic ! “.

Now that they've used all the photos to make AI, they charge you. I think I'll switch to iCloud. But I have a lot of pictures. How many photos do you think with a 50go plan ? Because I saw that on the Apple site the photos were compressed.

Hey… no photos are not compressed on iCloud photo.
For the quantity of photo with 50GB, it depends on your photo library ^^ if you have 30h of videos in 4K 60fps it will be fair 😂!

I have quite a few pictures but their site is weird. I have at least 6000 photos not counting videos and for them I have 38MB of photos and videos. Google photos tells me that I still have 2 years of storage. I really don't know how it's calculated.

They are in "light" version on your phone but not compressed on the Cloud. What I do, I create shared albums, that I share with… me (we can do it with others of course 😊)
Shared albums don't count towards your cloud plan, so you have cheap storage. A shared album can contain up to 5 000 photos and videos.

Ah ok for sure the phone is on light. So I would have to take a test.

" What I do, I create shared albums, that I share with… me (we can do it with others of course 😊)
Shared albums don't count towards your cloud plan, so you have cheap storage. A shared album can contain up to 5 000 photos and videos. »

Attention, I believe the photos stored in the shared albums are in a limited definition. Ditto for videos, I never have the 4K version in the albums shared with the family

Yes quite. The videos are 720, I only put in the ones that I know I won't look at often…

I have 32000 photos in my album on iPhone.
High def a 24 mpx a lot of 12 mpx from iPhone and a lot of sceeenshot.
It takes me 115 Go sur iCloud.

I might expect it, seeing this paid aspect actually annoys me bcp.
I will buy back hard drives…
The pb is sharing images with my loved ones…. it was very practical.

I have 20 000 photos and 1000 videos either 190 go to iCloud I will go to 2 To en  one in not long

ICloud Photo Sharing Loses Quality and Loses Photo Location. For family sharing, it's a bit of a shame because if you want to create photo albums you have to go and find the photos on each other's account… ideas to overcome this problem ?

The original is stored in the cloud (no loss).
The location in case of sharing is… capricious.
I find the service almost perfect : very fast photo sharing between Iphone, Ipad, etc…. Album shared with my partner.

"But I have not found better than Icloud"
iCloud is Apple ok?!
You are going to have problems here you 😂😂! If you start to say good things about an Apple product 🤣

When sharing the images (the menu with people and apps), just click on options at the top and we can add the place where all the metas-datas. Personally I added the location and it is still activated, no need to redo the manipulation. at each sharing (fortunately!)

And even if it means paying a box for photo / video cloud, I would rather pay Apple than Google ….

The cow there are some who are afraid of nothing.. Google cloud for photos 🤪😂

Sure with 1TB of storage, that leaves plenty to come lol.
All that's missing is a "real" photo app with one drive.

Now that people have uploaded GBs and GBs of photos, all well shaped by the AI, hop it becomes paying 😈

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Google Photos, Free

World news – FR – Google Photos : unlimited storage of "high quality" photos will no longer be free from June 1st 2021

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