A few years ago I was at Maker Faire with my family. We stopped at a booth run by Tile, a company that makes small Bluetooth trackers to attach to things you don’t want to lose. The person in the booth let us spin a wheel of fortune to try to win a Tile. Carla spun it and won the best prize on the wheel – a Tile 4-pack with two Tile Mates and two Tile Slims. We ended up putting them in a drawer and forgetting about them. But last year, Carla complained that she was frustrated with looking for her phone after misplacing it too many times around the house. I remembered the Tile devices and set one up so that she could press the button on the Tile and it would make her phone play a tone. It worked, which is surprising because the battery had been running for years. Now she keeps the Tile in a drawer and presses it when she can’t find her phone.

I decided to put one of the Tile slims in my wallet. It’s as thick as two credit cards, so it didn’t make the wallet bulge. Last year Carla and I went to a movie theater and when we got into our car after the movie, I felt for my wallet in my pants pocket and discovered it wasn’t there. I quickly walked back to the theater to look for it. I didn’t care as much about the contents of the wallet as the wallet itself — it was a red zipper wallet I bought in Japan and I love it. I don’t think they are available in the US or online, so it would be hard to replace.

It wasn’t until I got inside the empty theater that I remembered my wallet had a Tile in it. I opened the Tile app on my phone and pressed the button. A second later I heard the Tile device pinging. I approached the sound, and found my wallet wedged between the seats. Without the Tile, I may not have found it and assumed someone took it.

Amazon has a good deal right now on an Echo Dot and a Plum Sengled Bluetooth bulb. I use Echo Dots around the house to play the news, podcasts, audiobooks, and to control various smart systems and devices. READ THE REST

I have a glass top desk. It’s cold and hard, so I got a big fake leather mouse pad for it. I don’t need a gel wrist protector because it has just enough give. It also looks nice on my desk. And it’s cheap! READ THE REST

Pomodoro fans and people who need encouragement sticking to a task might benefit from this nifty 60-minute timer. Just turn the dial to the desired amount of time, and you get a slowly-shrinking red-colored pie wedge that shows how much time you have left. You can set the alarm to ring for 3 or 60… READ THE REST

You may have heard the old story that kids hate math. You may even assume that that’s true. But the reality is, the “hatredfor math and related fields like science or computer science isn’t quite what you think. According to a survey of teenagers, almost half said they actually liked or even loved math,… READ THE REST

If you want to understand the job market, there’s no source more reliable than LinkedIn. So when data science and data analysis roles dominate the LinkedIn list of the fastest-growing jobs in the world, it’s probably worth some consideration for job seekers. Knowing the tools and processes that fuel the adoption of data analysis in… READ THE REST

Keyboards and mice are fine for surfing the web. They’re fine for working in spreadsheets, assembling a text document or for sorting through emails. But when users need precision control, the old keyboard and mouse often don’t quite cut it anymore. For gamers, they turn to souped-up joysticks with a host of extra buttons and… READ THE REST

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