It's a game in the form, artistic direction, the colors and much of the gameplay of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Nintendo Switch masterpiece released in 2017. A very rich and well-made video game and yet… totally free. This is the Genshin Impact recipe, a game that any PS4 owner, PC, iOS or Android smartphones and soon Switch can install without opening its wallet. You can also play with your friends as long as you are on the same continental server and you can play on a console and resume your game on your phone in transport for example. The goal seems to abolish technical and financial boundaries to attract as many players as possible.

Despite the appearance “manga-anime” characters and resemblance to the last Zelda, this game from publisher and developer miHoyo is not Japanese, but Chinese. Genshin Impact, which was just launched at the end of September, is breaking record after record and winning over the gaming community. This free-to-play that cost 100 million dollars in development and marketing is fast becoming the most famous Chinese game in the country's industry history in a global market still dominated by Japanese studios, American and European.

In China, the game became the second highest grossing app on the AppStore in a matter of days. The game also registered a considerable number of pre-orders. : “5,3 million people pre-registered on the website outside of China. Locally, on account 16 million across all platforms”, notes our colleagues from citing sources from the South China Morning Post.

A game doesn't have to be free to be successful. He must be attractive, stable, amusing, addictive and above all that it offers, content and even more content. This is the only way these free titles will survive in the long run. : a large number of active players and less direct compensation with chests full of new characters and random weapons to buy with a few euros if you have this or that object in sight. Rest assured, you can still play Genshin Impact without ever touching your bank card once. But we have no doubt that miHoyo will do anything to make the temptation unbearable.

The game begins on hats with a brother and sister sailing through space and worlds, abruptly stopped in their journey by a mysterious deity. You choose the brother or sister to be your main character, the other is captured and off you go on an adventure. Goal : free your twin. Here you are armed with a sword, the ability to control the wind and a mascot guide who is there to explain the mechanics of the game.

Comme Breath of The Wild, you can explore a vast world with two great techniques popularized by this open world Zelda : climbing and a screen. Like in Zelda, you must fight enemies intelligently and solve puzzles in temples to advance in the story. Like Zelda, you can cook good food. Just like Zelda except… on the overall system of evolution of your characters. Because you won't play just with your hero. You will be able to collect characters, each with different weapons and skills, each mastering a different element. It is with your little troop that you will be able to advance in the game by unlocking this or that area.

It's this gymnastics between the characters (that you can switch at will and instantly) which makes the charm of this game. Genshin Impact is also beautiful, the reactive world, the story is not transcendent but charming despite everything, the characters are rather well written and have dialogues fully dubbed in English, Japanese, chinese and korean. The texts, them, are fully translated into French. The game features a high level of customization and management that is more reminiscent of a classic role-playing game than a Zelda action-adventure game.. So if you are afraid of menus, skill points and inventories provided, run away. Otherwise you will be in paradise.

The overall realization and the good finishes of the game certainly explain why Genshin Impact is one of the favorite games on the Twitch platform which brings together a huge community of players.. If you like Japanese animation, Skyrim games, if you miss Breath of the Wild… Genshin Impact might appeal to you, after all, the experience is free.

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World news – FR – “Genshin Impact” : Chinese sensation inspired by the latest Zelda

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