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Genshin Impact : of gamers pay thousands of dollars for a character

Since Monday 28 September, ps4 players, PC and even mobile can play Genshin Impact. This is a free-to-play RPG in which players will meet mages, dragons and swordsmen with magical powers, even in multiplayer ! The game has become extremely popular with over 17 million downloads in four days on mobile, to the point of making some players addicted.

The popularity of the game by miHoYo will soon translate into economic success. According to analyst Sensor Tower, the Chinese studio's free-to-play generated more than 60 million dollars during its launch week, and this only on mobile. Majority of gaming revenue comes from China, with 25 millions of dollars (is 42 %). Japan follows with 17 millions of dollars (29 %) and the United States with 8 millions of dollars, (13 %).

Spend only € 15 to receive a product worth between € 20 and € 200 : 🎮 Switch Lite, figurine collector, ⌨️ clavier gaming, 🦉 Harry Potter chess board and many more… Go here to find out more !

If the game is indeed available for free, it also offers a premium currency allowing you to collect characters and weapons with a random draw system called gacha, un battle pass, or item packs for real money.

The gacha system consists of obtaining an object, totally random character or other intangible asset. The percentage of chance of obtaining the desired item or character obviously depends on its rarity, which is noted between 3 and 5 stars. So you will have understood it, the rarer the item or character, the less chance you have of getting it in this random lottery. The drop rate 5 stars is very low since it is 0.6 %. It is therefore very difficult to have a character that you particularly want, and this is what makes this business model successful.

In Genshin Impact, a multi-invocation (is 10 invocations) equivalent to approximately 30 €. Un drop 5 star is guaranteed at least once every 90 invocations, as reported by our colleagues from Millenium. If we do the math, this means that we must put 270 € to be sure of having a drop 5 stars. But it won't necessarily be what you want…

Some got too caught up in the game. So, Twitch streamer Lacari went mad after finally acquiring a rare Genshin Impact character, spending 2 000 $ on the game. : “Oh my God ! Yes !” he shouts while starting a dance in celebration. “There is a god up there ! There is a god up there ! We did it !”

But that's nothing compared to YouTuber Tenha, who spent the sum of 4 000 $ to get the character Venti maxed ! And this is no exception, in view of the other videos made on the game.

It's the viewers' money so in my opinion it's not really the YouTubers who are to judge, eh ><

I love games but never in life I put 1 only pennies in such a hazardous system, I like to receive what I pay for.

Agrees. Not put a cent in Captain Tsubasa Dream Team which has a similar recruiting system. Chance as the sole decision-maker is not my thing.

This is the principle of all gashas… Exit characters more powerful than the previous ones with a very low drop rate… Saint seiya Awakening, dokkan battle, DB legend and many others… Genshin impact is just one more game with some spending a lot, looks like this phenomenon is new with your article.

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