You’ve probably heard about this by nowThe Coalition is going back and optimising Gears 5 for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, complete with a 120fps multiplayer option and lots of visual improvements.

Those who have been lucky enough to preview the Xbox Series X have been getting hands-on with this version of the game recently, and the load times seem to be impressive to say the least!

As demonstrated in the video above, loading a brand-new campaign for Gears 5 on Xbox Series X now just takes eight seconds in all, compared to 34 seconds on the Xbox One X and 44 on the Xbox One.

We’ve heard similarly good things about Dirt 5 and Yakuza Like A Dragon’s load times over the past week too, so you can look forward to a lot less waiting around with the Xbox Series X|S!

Impressed by this? Looking forward to trying out the optimised version of Gears 5? Let us know below.

Fraser has an unhealthy obsession for all things related to Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead series, and has an intimate knowledge of sports games on Xbox One. He also supports Walsall FC – that team in the West Midlands you’ve never heard of.

Awsome news, I’ll definitely be checking out Gears 5 MP at 120 FPS on Series X..

@eggsbox We’ll see what happens on launch day, as the preview stuff for media has been terrible. I’m considering giving it another play later this year since all the enhancements (other than the ones that are already better on PC) are all coming to PC as well.

@Menchi you can’t really use Gears 5 as a basis because the game is late gen was pretty well optimized in the first place. It hits 60 frames already and a dynamic 4K on XB1X. They have to add in more basically.

But I’m not trying to be contrary; I’m sure there will be other better examples of “issues”. I just don’t think a Twitter pic of a late gen game provides enough relative evidence to make any kind of definite point.

@mousieone My point is they may not have added the promised improvements yet. Which were a decent amount of upgrades, including being slightly under PC’s max setting now.

Improvements might be in the final build, and I’d guess that it hits true 4k more then the xb1x dynamic 4k (?)another thing to consider that this wasn’t built from the ground up for the series xBut still the load time is still mightily impressive.

For people who look but don’t see, the differences are not going to make much difference. Ray Traced Global Illumination (in software not Hardware Accelerated) means that Ambient Occlusion is much better but if you don’t ‘seethe difference (especially if you don’t have a side by side), you won’t notice that shadows under ledges actually being present where they were missing before.

Textures on Armour for example are sharper, more defined and with more fine scratches but unless you ‘lookand ‘see’, its not going to jump out from a game that overall looked great on One X anyway. Going down the rope in Chapter 1, all the extra plants that are now visible from further away isn’t going to jump out, having more particles (with a lot more physics to calculate) isn’t necessarily going to jump out

I could go on BUT the point is, games these days are having to find solutions to making a game look as close to ‘ultraas possible with tricks of the trade so the difference isn’t going to ‘night and day’.

When Linus of Linus Tech Tips played Doom on the Series X, he thought they had replaced textures because the resolution dropped on Xbox One X in game play so the Series X looked better but stop, and the game looks much closer and he only noticed because both were side by side.

Most people playing Gears 5 are looking at it with a ‘memoryof how it looked on Xbox One Xnot comparing a side by side shot. Most settings on a PC don’t ‘degradethe overall impact moving from Ultra > High > Mediumits often small ‘subtlechanges that when you can see the difference side by side adds up

Flashy reflections will probably be one area that stands out most but only if Devs use RT for reflections. Most games use RT Global Illumination in their ‘designphase and then ‘bakein that look to try and match itmore difficult with lighting changes (like night day cycles) but you probably wouldn’t notice a massive difference between baked in and real time ray traced Global Illumination and complain its not that much better than current gen


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