Investigate mysterious claw marks is one of the new challenges in Season 4 of Fortnite Battle Royale. To complete it, you’ll have to find three claw marks that look like they were made by Wolverine. Simply approaching them will suffice. There’s a lot of them around the map, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding them. In case you do, our Fortnite claw marks guide will show you three locations that are close to each other.

The three marks we’re going to show you are all in the Weeping Woods. They’re not really visible from a distance – the game seems to render them only when you’re close enough.

The first one is on the western wall of the big lodge. It’s on the part of the wall under the terrace, near the southwestern corner.

The second one is on one of the rocks in the tiny pond south of the lodge. It’s one of the two rocks on the northern side of the pond.

The third claw mark can be found on the side of a camper in the parking lot further south of the lodge. It’s the green one, closest to the garage.

Once you’ve visited the third claw mark, the challenge will be completed, and you’ll see a pop-up saying so. We recommend waiting for a match in which the battle bus doesn’t fly over the Weeping Woods, just so you don’t have to worry about someone blowing your head off while you look for the marks. We have no idea what the claw marks represent, but since it’s a Marvel crossover season, they hopefully have something to do with Wolverine. Maybe we’ll get the angry yellow man as a skin later in the season? Let’s hope so, it would be a nice outfit.

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