Square Enix has confirmed that the Final Fantasy VII / VIII Remastered Twin Pack release will officially launch in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand later this year.

Originally exclusive to Asia, this double pack includes the Switch versions of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on one cart. The FFVII port includes the new 3x speed mode feature, the ability to turn battle encounters off and the battle enhancement mode, while the FFVIII release includes battle assist options, 3x game speed boost, and no random encounters.

You can pre-order the bundle right now from Square Enix’s official store; it’s available for £34.99 and is due to launch on 4th December.

You’ll find that buying both of these games from the eShop is significantly cheaper, so we imagine this one will be more of a collector’s item for fans of the series. Still, if you want to have these games on a lovely physical cart, now’s your chance!

Ryan can list the first 151 Pokémon all in order off by heart – a feat he calls his ‘party trick’ despite being such an introvert that he’d never be found anywhere near a party. He’d much rather just have a night in with Mario Kart and a pizza, and we can’t say we blame him.

I already own FF7 on PS1 and I absolutely cannot get into VIII so I’ll probably give this a miss.

I have both games several times so I’m not going to get the double pack but it’s worth the investment for those who’ve not played either game. That’s easily 200+ hours of video game for £35.

Went to the trouble of importing it ages ago. A real treat to own a physical cart of FFVII and to play it portably. I broke my ankle in February and it was nice to have my favourite game with me in the hospital. I’m glad they haven’t improved this horrible cover art though or I’d have to buy it again lol

I ordered them out of play Asia a few months back, amazing games both of them

Why didn’t they just do this from the beginning? Even if they decide to release the twin pack in NA, I already imported one from Asia, as I’m sure most people who were insistent on getting a physical copy would’ve done by now.

North American release confirmed when? At least the Switch isn’t region locked, so importing has been/would be an option.

@jsw-8 That header image is a complete lie. VIII Remastered has better graphics but that’s from Dissidia or a key art. It’s not from VIII which you can tell due to the lighting.

I don’t understand why the PS4 will get an individual release for FF8 but nothing for the Switch. I really dislike the twin pack cover…

@playthedangame Yeah, if they had to do a twin pack, they should’ve bundled VIII&IX, then left VII as a standalone release, since that’s the PS1 era Final Fantasy that doesn’t need to be packaged with a second game in order to sell well.
Maybe they could release Final Fantasy Tactics on the Switch eShop, then package it with FFIX. I never played either of those games, and it would go nicely on my shelf between my imported copy of Final Fantasy VII/FFVIII Remastered and FFX/FFX-2 HD.

Please Square Enix, just release it in America…I wanna own FF7 physically and play it for the first time…

I’ve got all the FF remastered releases downloaded already, so even if this came out to NA I wouldn’t buy it.

IX is the only one I’ve gotten deep into yet, though. Next up on my to-play list is XII HD, but I’ve got a few other games ahead of my return to FF (notably, Age of Calamity is going to occupy my end of the year at the very least).

@noobish_hat @ZeldaFanboy78 Yess A certain Scott Wozniak would have something to say about this game sleeve.

FFVII is brilliant and impactful after all these years. The remake’s many changes to story and gameplay compliment the original, rather than outright replace it. Definitely give it a go if you haven’t.

Still waiting for Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy Tactics physical edition. The money is waiting Square Enix, make it happen and you will get it.

Already have an Asian import copy of this, which was expensive. Might get an additional one, with it being the latest version probably. Will you guys finally add the Twin Pack to the library here?

1. Slap a nice thick bar across the middle of your artwork. Preferably black. Insert some text that gives a nice ‘budget’ feel.

@Fededx That would be great, FF9 is my favourite FF (as you can see by the profile!)

Wish it was 7, 8 and 9 instead of just 7 and 8. It is such a special event when Sony and Microsoft exclusives go multiplatform that should be celebrated with physical versions.

Nice to see a European version finally come out, but yeah, it’s a year late and I got an import copy already.

It’s just lovely when they do this so long after you already bought the digital versions. Just. Lovely.

Also @stocko good on you for having good taste! FF9 is amazing, Blank was actually one of my favourite characters in it, even with his ridiculous belt face.

@Yosher Thanks! Blank is also one of my favourite characters as well! Wonder if having a belt on your face ever caught on? Haha!

Lol lucky me I never buy digital if possible and I was not willing to buy the import version this time. Will wait for a nice sell in one of the several stores in germany (Media Markt, Saturn, I’m looking at you )

@gcunit Yeah why can’t they do the same like Collection of Mana right where characters from all games in the collection are interacting with one another as if they are in the same game.

@Grumblevolcano This always bother me when Square made collection like this, they did the same when they make em for PS1 and GBA as well. Why have FF1 and FF2 but no FF3, why have FF5 and FF6 but no FF4, why have FF4 with Chrono Trigger but no Mystic Quest, it just makes no sense. The only collections they got kinda right are the Dragon Quest, Where, and SaGa collections and even so those are basically barebone collection at best. The only companies that made collection right are Sega and Capcom (before they became greedy with DLC).

Meh… Not a fan of the 3D FFs. Everything after VI feels like the game is on rails, being led from one plot point to another.

Shhh. If you listen closely, you can hear all the collectors wondering if the patches are on the cart…

Good price, but what the hell took them so long if the bundle was available in Asia already? Can’t use the localization excuse this time.

How many people would have wanted it on cart, yet they bought it digital because there were no announcements until now and the games were discounted on the eShop several times…

Hopefully this double pack continues to sell well enough to the point where we’ll get more digital-only stuff on cartridge. FF IX, FF XV Pocket, Star Ocean First Departure R, etc.

If they had IX on the cart aswell I would have double dipped on physical as I already own VII, VIII and IX digitally and would have liked too have gotten all the numbered ff games that are on the switch in a physical form (with the exception of X-2).

Already imported it, and I agree with everybody, IX belongs in this collection. It somehow feels incomplete without it. Anyways VIII is my favourite FF so it was always a must buy for me.

VIII is basically a card game with Final Fantasy in the background. And VII is so ugly to look at and so slow paced it really zaps the fun out of the experience. FF Tactics is the better game and good luck getting that ported.

@KayFiOS Final Fantasy Tactics is one of my most anticipated and desired titles, especially given that I’ve never played it. I would holler at Square Enix for their oversight, but I will be a bit more patient, given the forthcoming release of the SaGa Collection.

It’s just lovely when they do this so long after you already bought the digital versions. Just. Lovely.

@Yosher Hahaha. Welcome to my world. You might be interested in the “Patient Gamer” communities out there. I will say that I found it very satisfying to finally secure games like Shovel Knight or Sonic Mania after “abstaining” from digital purchases, haha.

@COVIDberry Well, for a lot of games it’s just easy to assume they’re not even gonna bother with a physical release later down the line, is the whole issue. If you’re gonna be ‘patient’ for everything you want physical then for a lot of games you might not even gonna get to play them at all.

And in some cases, like this one, the physical release comes waaaaaaay after the digital release, too, which definitely does not help.

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Source: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/10/final_fantasy_vii_viii_remastered_twin_pack_officially_confirmed_for_europe

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World news – THAT – Final Fantasy VII / VIII Remastered Twin Pack Officially Confirmed For Europe

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