At the dawn of this second confinement, Final Fantasy VII Remake might just be the game to keep you busy for those long weeks. Whether you are new to the game or diving back into it, this dense RPG for now only available on PlayStation 4 is the perfect candidate to immerse yourself in a rich story. You can even embark on this adventure by equipping yourself with our complete guide to Final Fantasy VII Remake for the occasion., and (re)discover our walkthrough of the main story as well as all the side missions, lists of collectibles to collect, or all our thematic guides.

In this part of our Final Fantasy VII Remake walkthrough, we go back over everything related to the history of the game. You will be able to discover the entire progress of the different chapters, within which we have integrated the location of Chests and Materials that it will be possible to collect in the environment. Chests and Materias are also the subject of a separate section, that we invite you to visit if ever you need it, and if you don't want to spoil yourself with how the story unfolds.

This part of our complete guide to Final Fantasy VII Remake concerns the complete solution of the side missions that you will be able to discover during your adventure.. As in the game, these missions are grouped by chapters, and you can find out everything you need to know to overcome it :

The Side Stories of Final Fantasy VII Remake are small quests that you can unlock as the story unfolds, by performing certain tasks. These are missions that are not fundamentally important to history, but which will allow you to obtain more information about the characters, but also sometimes very interesting rewards :

In our complete guide to Final Fantasy VII, we also focus on all the additional activities available in the game. This includes Chadley's Fight Reports as well., very useful for collecting new materia, than the Coliseum of Cornéo which will give you the opportunity to farm a little, and recover new limits for your characters :

In this part of the Complete Final Fanatsy VII Remake Guide, you will be able to discover everything related to chests and materia that you can find while strolling through the game environment. To clarify more, we decided to classify them by chapters, and give for each element the exact location as well as the reward obtained :

In this part of our complete guide to Final Fantasy VII Remake, we provide you with a whole series of guides and tips on combat strategies, weapons and manuscripts to use, all the bosses you may encounter in the game … All these guides will allow you to master the game perfectly, to maybe finish it at 100% !

Strongly the continuation. I really enjoyed this first game of the remake even if everything is not perfect.

Oh thank you ! I was too dumb to finish a hallway game on my own !
Even more stupid to look for the solution by myself on your site. thanks again.

How do you want to finish it since that's just the part 1 of the remake that is sold ? ð ?? ¤ ??

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World news – FR – Final Fantasy VII Remake : our walkthrough and our guides to finish it during containment

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