The first Final Fantasy 7 had a memorable story with loved characters and a complicated universe. FF7 Remake altered that narrative somewhat, leaving the door quite open for the plot of FF7 Remake Part two. Based on how much the storyline takes Cloud, Barrett, Tifa, Aerith, and Red XIII in the sequel, there are quite a couple of plot elements that may be ignored.

Now that friends and clouds have abandoned Midgar behind, they will most likely be following a story path similar to the first game. Even if Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part two is available world, towns and places may not change all that much. One of the earliest sequences people will almost certainly revisit in FF7 Remake Part 2 is Junon Harbor. Several elements at Junon Harbor should be completely skipped.

This component of the first Final Fantasy 7 just relied far too heavily on mini-games to progress the storyline. There was the CPR mini-game, followed almost instantly by a mechanic involving a perfectly timed hop while riding a dolphin. If this were not bad enough, there was yet another mini-game anticipating players once Cloud dons his soldier disguise and tries to help boost TV ratings during the military parade. The very first Final Fantasy 7 Remake did not always shy away from the mini-games or sillier aspects of the original FF7 narrative, yet this part of the game is in dire need of being streamlined. It’d make this component of FF7 Remake Part 2’s narrative run smoother, and knock out a few participant frustrations at precisely the same time.

The Gold Saucer is an iconic place from the original Final Fantasy 7, as are the famous scenes between Cloud’s date, and all of that still needs to be included. The one area with plot points that still appears completely unnecessary is Gongaga Village. Yes, Zack is out there in the original FF7 and there is some fine Materia in the surrounding jungle, but it’s a little detail in what’s essentially just a stepping-stone between more important events at the Gold Saucer, Nibelheim, and Cosmo Canyon. If Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 rewrites Zack’s narrative, then everything that happens at Gongaga could be trimmed. Of all of the towns, it’s the most expendable.

Now that FF7 Remake has altered the original’s story and introduced alternate timelines, it’s certainly possible that many of the memorable towns, characters, and plot elements in the first won’t factor into Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part two at all, although fans probably won’t know all the details until the game releases.


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