Of 21 at 26 October is the Steam Festival of online board games. Beyond highlighting video games based or inspired by board games (existing in physics), the event offers many promotions. Here is a small selection of the best titles to help you make the right choice..

A festival that comes at the right time to be able to continue playing with loved ones, even from a distance.

Video game adaptations of board games are always more numerous. The editors have certainly sensed a good vein, especially in this period of pandemic when it can be difficult to meet several around a table (but if you can, take a look at our selection of board games).

Valve therefore decided to organize a virtual festival on Steam for a few days to highlight this genre.. If you are curious about the events taking place there, we invite you to visit the dedicated article. Here, we will mainly talk about the best current promotions.

Note that we have only retained video games that are real adaptations of board games. More classic video games that are more or less inspired by board games (card game or role playing type) are also on sale for the occasion.

We have also ruled out recent games that are not yet enjoying discounts.. This is particularly the case with the excellent Wingspan, that I highly recommend by passing anyway.

Let's start with an exception. Tabletop Simulator is indeed not an adaptation of a single board game, but rather an engine allowing to play hundreds of board games, online or locally.

In addition to the classic games already integrated, several dozen officially supported games can be purchased in addition via the application (Zombicide, Scythe, Wingspan…), but with its support for Steam Workshop mods and games created or recreated for free by users, there is enough to occupy yourself for a while without taking out the wallet.

Note that the grip of the games, modeled in 3D, requires some adaptation time and disciplined players, but Tabletop Simulator is undoubtedly the most cost effective way to keep you busy for hours.

I personally have not tested the adaptation of Terraforming Mars to digital format. But given that this is one of my favorite board games and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, it was an easy selection.

At the head of mega companies of the future, players will have to terraform the red planet using the cards at their disposal and given to them by their neighbors - much like 7 Wonders for connoisseurs.

There are many ways to take it with you and you will need to use your resources and cards wisely (to build buildings, generate events ...) and the plateau (place towns and forests, raise the temperature and oxygen ...), while monitoring what his opponents are doing.

With a very solid replayability and many combos, Terraforming Mars is one of my favorite games ... How come I said it before ?

Make way for a classic with Small World. Recently adapted by Blizzard in Warcraft sauce, Days of Wonder game asks players to take the lead of fantastic people who will have to win a battle of territories.

If the plateau version is appreciated by many, just be careful about this PC port initially offered on tablets. The evaluations are not all positive and speak in particular of bugs and crashes. But if everything works, no doubt you will have a good time playing.

For testing it during confinement with friends in voice chat, I can assure you that the adaptation of Mysterium is quietly worth its investment of 3 euros (or 6 if you take both DLC adding some content).

In this cooperation game (which also offers a single player mode to learn the basics), one of the players has been killed and must make the others guess the culprit, the scene and the murder weapon. For that, he will give them cards with drawings as beautiful as they are abstract, Dixit style, and everyone will debate what they think they see and how to interpret the deceased's choices, who must remain silent.

An excellent game in physics as well as in digital, endowed with a solid replayability since the cards are numerous and playing as a ghost or medium completely changes the situation.

To be completely frank with you, Aeon’s End is, with Scythe, the only game in this selection that I have unfortunately never tested. But the feedback from this cooperative game is so good that it has found its place here anyway..

Deck building oriented, the title puts players in the shoes of mages who will have to defeat monsters in battles. Very random (especially in terms of the order of game turns) but also planning (no deck shuffle !), this is for many players one of the best titles of the genre in recent years.

As classic as a Settlers of Catania (two games acclaimed by the vast majority of players), Carcassonne has been available on Steam for several years now.

Accompanied by various optional DLCs, the game asks players to intelligently place city tiles, roads or even meadows to form the plateau and generate points. Optimisation, planning and observation are essential, while you have to choose when to place your pawns on the board to win it.

Ticket to Ride, or Les Aventuriers du Rail with us, is also a classic. Declined as Risk in many versions to represent several parts of the world (Europe, United States, in, Germany, France…), this is a placement game that will appeal to train enthusiasts (and others).

By creating rail routes, you will have to optimize your journeys to earn the maximum number of points by completing contracts, while annoying other players by taking the paths they coveted. Easy to learn and easy to play, Ticket to Tide is one of those games that make me want to redo a game just by talking about it.

In my list of "big" games that unfortunately I have not yet been able to test, Scythe is probably at the top. It must be said that the physical version represents a certain investment, but luckily there is the digital version.

In this strategy game players are transported to an alternate version of Europe for years 20 where WWI is still going on. Five factions clash, and with so many mechs to do.

Building construction, unit enlistment and combat are of course on the menu of this acclaimed 4X, and, not to hide anything from you, I am on the verge of succumbing to the purchase.

More classic and accessible than the title just above, Splendor has benefited from a digital version for over 5 years. Completely playable alone or with its few DLC, the title puts players in the shoes of Renaissance merchant guild masters.

We will have to invest, recruit and spend gems to hope to score as many points as possible to beat your opponents. Easy to learn thanks to clear mechanics, Despite everything, there is a certain depth in Splendor that it will take several parts to truly grasp.

Galaxy Trucker in physical version is a game that I love and hate at the same time. I love it for its mechanics, which combine risk-taking and rapid ship building using different elements (propulsion, armament, shields, storage…), in order to be the most efficient space driver possible.

And i don't like it, because I am slow and bad in the ship construction phase where each player draws from the elements in the center of the table. But I am told that this is not an objective argument, so play galaxy trucker.

PCists will no doubt be very happy to discover this good plan just before leaving for the weekend. Indeed, the 16 Go of RAM from Ballistix are currently at € 58.89.

At Oppo, mid-range is pronounced Reno. It is therefore with the Reno4 family that the manufacturer wishes to appeal to potential buyers wishing to acquire a smartphone that is good in all respects and remains at a reasonable price..

The latest Windows update 10 will allow Skype Meet Now to take pride of place within Microsoft's OS.

Operators never stop putting online promotions for their mobile plans. This time, we are starting from the Bouygues side with offer B&You 80 GB for only € 13.99 / month.

The manufacturer OnePlus is not idle and is increasing product releases. Several details have already surfaced on the next OnePlus Nord 100 and OnePlus Nord 10.

Fiat unveiled its entire new range 500 electric, within which we find the 3+1, an astonishing asymmetrical city car with opposing opening doors on the passenger side.

This week, Disney + welcomed a new feature for its subscribers. The American company has therefore detailed the use of GroupWatch.

Source: https://www.clubic.com/jeu-video/steam-machine/dossier-18392-festival-steam-des-jeux-de-plateau-en-ligne-notre-selection-des-meilleurs-jeux-a-s-offrir-en-promo.html

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