Earlier this week, Season 2 of Fall Guys barged in with a bundle of medieval-themed additions and goodies, yet, a number of players aren’t enjoying the new arrivals.

In Season 2, there are four new levels: Wall Guys, Egg Siege, Knight Fever, and Hoopsie Legends. Wall Guys asks players to cooperate (to an extent) to move blocks to traverse a number of castle walls, which get higher and higher with every wall cleared. Egg Siege is rather self-explanatory, because it’s a new Egg Scramble map. Knight Fever is a race with circling blades, rotating drawbridges, spinning spiky logs, and, one, more circling blades. Finally, Hoopsie Legends is a solo Hoopsie round with moveable blocks, similarly set inside a castle fortress.

These new levels shake up the scene, minimise matchmaking times, and let players formulate new strategies to get their mitts on the golden crown. All good things, right? Not right. Wrong, in fact. Shame on you for thinking this was a positive. Fall Guys players have expressed their frustrations with the new update on the game’s subreddit, targeting the low number of new maps, problems with balancing, and disconnections during pivotal moments in matches.

There are 29 levels in total, and four of these are new arrivals as part of Season 2. As a result, lots of players aren’t getting to see these maps in a normal session. Jump Showdown, one of the final rounds, has had its maximum speed capped, and so players aren’t getting knocked out for a very long while. And, Wall Guys and Hoopsie Legends are heavily reliant on the grab mechanic, which often doesn’t stick to the ledge the player wants to climb. A post detailing the update’s problems, written by Reddit user whatthefuckisreddit, has been upvoted 1,600 times, so it’s hardly an isolated incident.

People are upset because they havent played it enough yet and they’re bad at it,” said Reddit user mattgoody99 in response to the complaints. “Season 2 is far from perfect, but I think people need to take a step back and look at Mediatonic; they’re an indie company who have been absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of players on their game.The launch week statistics were simply exceptional, with two million copies of the game sold on Steam and more than 23 million hours of gameplay watched on Twitch, and the game has gained momentum ever since.

Reddit user Jackjoyce8 also made a valid point: “They’d probably be more likely to listen to you if you didn’t say that they’re ‘incompetentand say stuff like ‘I’m not a dev but this must be easy.'

It was inevitable that some people would like the new update and that some people would prefer the way things were. However, regarding the speed of the bar in Jump Showdown, Mediatonic has recognised that this is a bug and not a new change. It is hoped that the team addresses the other minor balancing issues and discover what is causing disconnections so that the game is in ship shape for the rest of Season 2.

Source: https://www.ladbible.com/technology/gaming-fall-guys-fans-arent-happy-with-the-updates-made-in-season-2-20201010


World news – GB – ‘Fall Guys’ Fans Aren’t Happy With The Updates Made In Season 2

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