Rumors are spreading online that Chaeyoung, from the popular K-pop group DEUX FOIS, dating a tattoo artist called Chim Hwa Sa.

TWICE Fans Go Crazy As It Looks Like Rapper Chaeyoung Is In A New Relationship. She didn't confirm it herself, but fans claim they spotted her with a potential new love interest, Chim Hwa Sa.

Son Chae-young, better known by her stage name Chaeyoung, is a rapper, South Korean singer and songwriter.

The young woman of 21 years old from Seoul is a member of the K-pop girl group TWICE which was formed by JYP Entertainment in 2015.

She first auditioned to join JYP Entertainment at just 14 years, starting as a singer before training as a rapper.

Thursday 5 November, rumors started to spread on Twitter that on TWICE the rapper is dating someone new and fans claim he is a tattoo artist.

Fan posted photo to Korean online community that allegedly shows Chaeyoung standing with someone in a supermarket. Fans claimed they knew it was Chaeyoung because she wore the same fluffy white hat she previously wore when appearing with TWICE on a talk show last month..

The man in the picture is said to be a tattoo artist and fans immediately assumed the couple were dating. However, Chaeyoung has not confirmed it.

Other evidence suggests the couple were seen together in Paris and they were wearing matching rings. The tattoo artist also reportedly had drawings of a woman who looked like Chaeyoung on his Instagram, but he has since deleted his social media.

Chimhwasa is a tattoo artist… and he was caught dating you can see in this picture, this is 100% chaeyoung ... because she wore this hat on a live radio show recently ...

The man who was spotted with Chaeyoung is a tattoo artist known as Chim Hwa Sa, but his real name is Jung Sung Hyun.

We don't know much about him, but fans claim he is nine years older than Chaeyoung, and the fact that the rapper might be dating a much older man worried a lot of fans.

However, others are happy for the singer, claiming a cool tattoo artist is the perfect match for Chaeyoung.

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