Fortnite has a curious set of mini challenges built into the Battle Pass this season where you have to 'awaken' the true potential of all of the Battle Pass superhero skins..

You start with Thor, but once you get past that, you will unlock Jennifer Walters at 22 years, and if you don't know who she is, a normal-looking woman well dressed in her original skin, when you reach the level 29, will realize that she is actually She-Hulk.

The awakening challenges Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk will allow you to transform back and forth into She-Hulk. The first step is to visit the office of Jennifer Walters as Jennifer Walters.

The map will show you it's in Retail Row, but where exactly in Retail Row? Here is a more detailed map of the exact location of the building.

This is the law firm of Jennifer Walters, which is perhaps not the most important landmark added to the game, but a fun little Easter egg all the same.

I think that just getting there will be enough to meet this challenge, but you can come in and take a look if you want, because he has a private office for her, a reception desk and a consultation desk. Walters is a lawyer, not a scientist like his cousin Bruce Banner.

This is only the first step in the transformation process (I apologize for already being She-Hulk in these photos, but she just looks a lot cooler). The other two steps are:

2. Eliminate Doctor Doom's Henchmen as Jennifer Walters - This can be done fairly easily in Doom's Domain and you only need three kills. They are hit and you can then execute them for the final kill. Watch out for other players trying to do the same.

3. Emote as Jennifer Walters After Breaking Vases - Vases? Random, but yes, there are specific vase locations on the map for this, and you can choose one of them. I'm writing another guide for this step here, so click on it.

This is probably one of the easiest awakening challenges overall. (Doctor Doom's final stage requires a Victory Royale), so do it quickly. I guess some people have already run to the row 29, otherwise have bought their way like me. Jennifer Walters is pretty boring skin but She-Hulk? She is totally rad, and wish there was a way to definitely stay like her.

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World news – FR – Jennifer Walters 'Fortnite' office location: She-Hulk Awakening Challenge

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