One year after improving the tools of its photo software, DxO is back on track for what made its reputation, namely demosaicing and denoising of RAW files. Now available, DxO PhotoLab 4 introduces DeepPRIME, a new algorithm that takes advantage of deep learning (deep learning, a field of artificial intelligence) for even better results.

DeepPRIME has been "trained" using analyzes performed on millions of images. The French publisher taught his algorithm the relationships between the raw files produced by the cameras and the images optimized after development (distortion treatment, noise, you vignette, chromatic aberrations ...).

DxO highlights the fact that DeepPRIME combines demosaicing, which consists of recreating the complete colors from the pixels of a sensor, and denoising, which reduces digital noise, in one step, which avoids the artefacts produced by the succession of these two stages. This new algorithm is supposed to "dramatically" improve the quality of photos, especially those taken in low light, or with small pixels or with old cameras.

Compared to its predecessor PRIME, DeepPRIME offers savings of approximately 2 ISO sensitivity values ​​of comparable quality, according to the editor. During a presentation to the press with pictures taken in low light, DxO also pointed out the superiority of its algorithm over those of the competition, en l’occurrence Lightroom Classic 2020 et Capture One (the files are also freely available on the publisher's site if you want to try it out yourself).

With my own photos, the direct comparison with Lightroom Classic is not necessarily obvious, because the two software do not apply the same automatic changes. However, we have to admit that if we are content with a few clicks on the key tools of both, DxO PhotoLab 4 generates the best quality photos. You can push DeepPRIME denoising hard enough without creating the watercolor effect that Lightroom Classic suffers from. Moreover, Lightroom sometimes applies automatic tone adjustments to intentionally dark photos that are completely off the mark..

Next to that, DxO has improved the workflow in several ways. In the tool palette, it is easier to access the desired settings thanks to filters, a search box and a system of favorites.

Long-awaited improvements are finally emerging : we can add a watermark (text and / or image) on exported images ; and a history of modifications is kept, which allows you to go back several steps if necessary. In addition, you can rename the images in batches and make selective copy and paste of settings on several similar photos.

DxO PhotoLab prices 4 are the same as usual : until 19 November, the Essential edition is sold 99 € instead of 129 € and the Elite edition 149 € instead of 199 €. It is only the latter that includes the famous DeepPRIME algorithm as well as other functions that make DxO PhotoLab so interesting 4. Owners of a previous version can upgrade at a preferential rate. A full trial version, valid for one month, is available on the DxO website.

Asked about a possible adaptation to Apple Silicon, the publisher told us that he has not yet planned anything specific for the new architecture of the Mac. He is counting on the fact that his software will run through Rosetta.

Wish does this software have a library ?
I run under luminar, but it pushes too much with its bad optimization. But I really like being able to easily browse my raws in a folder as well as make presets, that get results fairly quickly. For a non-professional Sunday photographer you advise ?

There is no cataloguer like LR or Luminar. But there is the "photo library" to browse your disk and manage your images directly in the application.

Yes the version 3 allows you to manage a sort of catalog … a "photo library" not of LR level but correct. Personally I fired it and went back to LR because the RAW module refuses Fuji devices and stopped at iPhone X ! But we can do RAW (DNG) correct for a while on iPhone with specific apps including the excellent Halide !! Especially test it and if it is compatible with your common cameras, it remains a good alternative. Not at all comparable to Luminar 4, bcp more intrusive.

The prime machine and deep widget x and y modules for the version 4 of DxO are still marketing : LR was drawn either in AUTO mode (??) either in beginner mode !

Photo Mechanic is a well established software, remarkable stability. The version 6 has just been extended with a library management function, the Plus variant, efficient enough. It is currently in an introductory offer. Unlimited trial version for 30 days. She deserves to take a tour.
macOS 10.11.6 – 10.15.x, Windows 8, Windows 10
Nothing is announced yet about Big Sur. Camera Bits is an old fashioned dev, which only announces its products once they are ready and tested.

I did not find the surfer's roughs on their site, but the LR version still seems too bad to be true.

Indeed, we can say anything to this kind of comparison even if DxO has always been very good at dealing with noise. However, make it a selling point today… I find it hard to understand the process since today the sensors in the boxes handle digital noise very well. As long as you use a pro box…no interest except specific need and there LR manages it very well (editing for digital and print). I manage at least a hundred shots per day and DxO is too restrictive…flow management, plug-ins disponibles, etc…they still have work

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World news – FR – DxO PhotoLab 4 : a new optimization of RAW doped with AI

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