Acne scars are small indentations in your skin that comes after an acne breakout. There are different types of scars like boxcar, rolling, and ice pick. A great number of the population has had them in their lifetimes, for sure. A famous physician by the name of Simon Ourian states that acne can affect the top and bottom layers of your skin; factors such as delayed treatment, picking at your acne, and severe acne can all lead to scarring.

The doctor is very much known for his keen eye on detail and for pioneering procedures such as the Coolaser.

Dr. Simon Ourian is an expert in the field of cosmetic dermatology. The best and the brightest have taught him how to excel in what he does. The doctor is very much known for his keen eye on detail and for pioneering procedures such as the Coolaser, which is a savior for people battling acne scars.

While the technology itself is already amazing, what makes it even more splendid is that it works for all skin types. The Coolaser is exclusively offered at Dr. Ourian’s clinic in Beverly Hills. This laser skin resurfacing technique has helped many patients who have skin problems ranging from wrinkles to acne scars. Clients love that through the technique, they can go back to their normal lives faster than if they were to do other methods such as microdermabrasion—indeed a top-notch choice.

So how does it work? One might ask. The procedure starts by cooling the treatment area with a special device. Then, the skin is subjected to light pulses for the promotion of cellular repair and collagen growth.

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