Who knew TikTok could be so educational? We have learned all the challenges, some viral dance moves and ... where does the vanilla aroma come from?.

For the context, at the moment, there's a viral TikTok video that asks people to film their reactions to find out where the vanilla aroma comes from. It must be a vanilla plant or some tree, non? FAUX.

The TikTok user, Sloowmoee, enlightened their followers and told them to Google where the vanilla aroma comes from (while sipping Starbucks Vanilla Latte, of course). When he finds out the truth, he looks absolutely horrified and screams: "More vanilla! »

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Prepare yourselves: apparently, a chemical compound used in vanilla flavors and scents comes from the anal glands of beavers.

The vanilla aroma may contain beaver, that comes from a beaver's castor sacks. These castor sacks are found near the beaver's anal glands just between the pelvis and the base of the tail and are a mixture of gland secretions and urine.. Pleasant.

According to a survey by 2018 Vice, beavers use the "yellowish oily fluid" to mark their territory and the delicious scent of vanilla comes from the beaver's diet.

Extracting the beaver from a live beaver is not easy because they must be processed in order to recover the substance, they are therefore often sedated or already dead. A question: how did anyone find out about this?

In 2013, Joanne Crawford, wildlife ecologist at Southern Illinois University, explained to National Geographic how the castoreum is mined: "I lift the tail of the animal. I tell myself: “Go down there and put your nose near her buttocks.” People think I'm crazy. I tell them: ‘Oh, but they are beavers, it smells really good. ""

However, you will be extremely happy to know that many vanilla products containing castore have been replaced by the synthetic variety to make it vegan, Kosher and much cheaper. At one point, demand for castoreum nearly wiped out the beaver population.

An article by 2019 from the University of Hertfordshire Research Center for Topical Drug Delivery Research and Toxicology found that "synthetic vanillin makes up approximately 94% of all vanilla flavors used in the food industry (37286 tonnes), the natural vanilla extract representing most of the 6% remaining " . Phew, this means that there is very little chance that beaver anal juice will be in your latte.

If you want to taste the good things, there is actually a traditional Swedish alcoholic drink - Bäverhojt (which means beaver cry) - which is scented with castoreum.

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