Those who want to continue slaying in DOOM Eternal, id Software has released the DOOM Eternal update 1.08 October 20 patch, and while this title update is primarily for The Ancient Gods Part 1 DLC, there are also gameplay additions/changes that everyone will be able to experience.

Update 3 is the free base game patch available now that accompanies the release of DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part 1.

New Events are on the Horizon! Update 3 brings support for more in-game events such as our upcoming THANKSGIBBING event, featuring awesome unlockables we think you’ll gobble-gobble up like the Cultist Marauder Master Collection!

Issue: I purchased the Year One Pass as a standalone product on the PlayStation Store before September 23, 2020 but can’t play BATTLEMODE or The Ancient Gods Part One, even though it’s launched. How do I get access to the content that I paid for?

Resolution: You’ll need to first download and install the DOOM Eternal (Base Game). To do this, go the PlayStation Store, and type in “DOOM Eternal (Base Game)”, then download and install it. Once the Base Game is installed, you will be able to play BATTLEMODE and The Ancient Gods – Part One.

Behold the Maykr Slayer! This absolute unit is instantly unlocked upon purchase of The Ancient Gods – Part One or the Year One Pass and like all Master Collections, is loaded with progressibles like a slick podium, new podium animations, alternate skins, icons and player badges. For more info on how to progress through Master Collections click here.

New Support Runes Support Runes are a new Rune variant that have a unique slot. There are three Support Runes that you can find hidden in the world or are awarded after a Slayer Gate.

Take Back – When a demon causes an Extra Life to activate, it can be killed within a short time to gain the Extra Life back

Exploration has never been more rewarding. If you can find and complete all of the Secret Encounters in each new level, you can unlock awesome new Slayer skins.

The Ancient Gods – Part One has a whole new set of spicy milestone challenges, which when completed, grant cool gear like unique icons, player badges, menu backgrounds and even a gold plated Maykr Slayer skin for completing the new expansion campaign on Ultra Nightmare.

Once we get more news regarding the next DLC and patch, we’ll let our readers know.


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World news – GB – DOOM Eternal Update 1.08 October 20 The Ancient Gods Part 1 & Includes Changes – MP1st

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