Twitch streamer Destiny may be on track to lose his partnership with the streaming service after he appeared to promote violence towards protesters, and chat logs emerged where he revealed Twitch had been in contact with him.

Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell is a hugely popular streamer on Twitch, with over 550,000 followers on the platform. However, despite his popularity, his time on the platform has been by no means plain sailing, particularly over the course of the last year.

Most recently on May 4, 2020, Destiny found himself banned for 24 hours thanks to some “accidental nudity” in one of his videos. This was just the latest in a long string of bans for similar accidents.

However the trouble this time around has not stemmed from an accidental click, but for speech that Twitch have reportedly said to be “encouraging violence.”

While Twitch themselves are yet to publicly give specific details over what exactly could cause Destiny to lose his partnership, many believe it to be the result of a clip that’s circulating where he discusses riots that have been escalating this year.

“The rioting needs to f**king stop,” he says, “and if that means white redneck f**king militia dudes out there mowing down dipsh*t protesters that think they can torch buildings at 10 pm, then at this point they have my f**king blessing.”

Chat logs have emerged of Destiny saying “Twitch legal is emailing me telling me they’re revoking my Twitch partnership because of some unspecified ‘encouragement of violenceusing the platform.”

Apparently Destiny is about to lose his Twitch partnership status over his statements on the riots

At the time of writing Destiny has not yet been officially unpartnered, and remains part of the program.

However, it is likely that more is going on behind the scenes, so we’ll just have to wait and see what comes from the situation.


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