We got our first look at Destiny 2’s new Stasis subclass and its abilities in a new trailer during Gamescom today, and it looks absolutely wild.

Stasis, which gets added to the game when Beyond Light come out on November 10, looks like it’s all about crystals: creating them, smashing them, and otherwise wielding them to completely mess up whatever’s standing in your way.

For example, the Warlock Stasis subclass is called Shadebinder, and lets you send out dark pulses of energy that crystallize enemies and them shatter them. The Hunter Stasis subclass Revenant can chuck giant crystals at enemies, as well as throw Batman-style batarangs that can be bounced of walls to hit opponents around corners. And finally the Titan Stasis subclass Behemoth does what Titans do best, dunking on enemies with a fist full of powerful crystal magic. It looks like at least one of the subclasses (maybe Behemoth?) can even summon a wall of Stasis crystals to create giant barriers that block enemy fire.

It’s hard to know how effective the abilities will be in combat just by looking at a trailer, but it’s clear Bungie really wanted to make the powers look cool with tons of detailed fracturing. A lot of the guns and abilities in Destiny 2 can feel like wielding plasma-infused Super Soakers and water balloons, but the Stasis powers look a lot more tactile and particle-based. If nothing else, it doesn’t seem like the Stasis subclasses will simply be new spins on the existing ones.

After weeks of relative silence about what’s in store for the future of Destiny 2, Bungie opened…

Don’t know if I missed it, but have they announced any official plans for the next-gen consoles?

Source: https://kotaku.com/destiny-2-shows-off-cool-new-crystal-powers-1844871861

World news – GB – Destiny 2 Shows Off Cool New Crystal Powers

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