Lothric is home to plenty of unforgettable characters. Who are the most likable NPCs in FromSoftware’s Dark Souls 3?

With just around 2 weeks left till the release of the Demon’s Souls Remake, the world is abuzz with talk of FromSoftware games once again. And, since Dark Souls 3 was the culmination of all their efforts, we might as well talk about it.

Dark Souls 3 tried to take the best aspects from previous games and implement them in its own way, and for the most part, it worked. The NPC’s especially are pretty strong in this game, and it is time to shine a light on some of the best.

Let’s start things off with one of the more polarizing NPCs in Dark Souls 3, Sirris of the Sunless Realms. Those players who did not hate her generally found her sidequest tedious and confusing. In either scenario, Sirris was unfortunately not a very fun NPC to figure out the story of.

Still, she’s the Blade of The Darkmoon NPC for DS3, a role that was previously taken by the Darkmoon Knightess in DS1, and that’s pretty cool. The Darkmoon Blades are essentially the cops of the Dark Souls world, hunting down anyone who takes on enough sin and breaks the vows of their covenant. It’s just a shame that Sirrisquest is so finicky and she forces players to kill Creighton to progress it.

If Sirris is all about honor and duty, Karla is all about freedom and knowledge at any cost. Karla is described as being aChild of the Abyssand while this sort of implies she could be another Fragment of Manus like the Queens from Dark Souls 2, it’s more likely that she’s called that simply because of her preference for Dark Magic.

In any case, Karla’s self-deprecating remarks and uniquely charming personality make her memorable. Plus, there are a ton of little lore implications linking her to Alva, a legendary character from DS2, which makes Karla that much more important.

Cornyx of the Great Swamp is unabashedly just the Laurentius of Dark Souls 3, and that is perfectly fine. Laurentius was one of the best NPCs in the original Dark Souls simply because he was so genuine and respectful.

Cornyx is a very similar character, but his excitement for new knowledge also means he isn’t ashamed to learn alongside his pupil who hands him new Pyromancy Tomes. All in all, Cornyx is just a fun NPC who is surprisingly lighthearted compared to the rest.

Ah, Patches, the character who always shows up in Souls games, no matter what. People love this character, but it must only be because he’s sort of a mascot of the games, because there isn’t much to him overall other than his hatred of Clerics.

Well, at least until The Ringed City for DS3 came out, and people met Lapp. Lapp is actually Patches in a different armor set with amnesia, and which becomes clearer as players encounter him multiple times throughout the DLC. And, finally, once Lapp regains his sense of self and promises players that he’ll always be their true friend, he screws them over one last time. Patches is the most complex he’s ever been in DS3, but he’s still rather unlikable overall.

There is just so much lore tied to this one character. The Painter has no name, seemingly no goals other than panting a new dark, cold, and gentle world, and no real ties to any item descriptions or lore from DS3. The Painter is a completely separate NPC who is being guarded by Sister Friede (one of DS3’s hardest fights) and Sir Vilhelm so that she may not see the flame, allowing the world of Ariandel to last just a bit longer.

There have been multiple painted worlds in Dark Souls, but this is the first time players get to see what a painter of one of these worlds looks like, and she looks a lot like Priscilla. The implications here are big, but as with most things in Dark Souls, the actual answers are pretty sparse.

Yuria sets players on the path of the Usurpation of Fire ending and is one of the three sisters who founded the Black Church along with Sister Friede, who left on her own into Ariandel, and Liliane. Yuria plays a much bigger role in the DS3 story than Friede, as she helps the Champion of Ash find their true calling as the Lord of Hollows.

To make Yuria show up in Firelink Shrine, players basically have to follow a guide. However, Yuria’s questline is by far one of the most interesting, and one of the most difficult in the entire game.

Much like the Painter, people love Ludleth simply because there are so many lore implications tied to him with no definite answers. People think he’s the Furtive Pygmy, but who knows for sure? Ludleth is one of the smallest and weakest characters seen in the Souls series, and that makes him so insanely unique, which checks out considering he’s described as aPygmy.

Ludleth can Transpose Boss Souls into weapons, a lost art that can even combine two weapons into one, as players have seen with the Twin PrincesGreatsword. He’s a very unique DS3 NPC with a lot of unconfirmed lore about him and a real polite manner of speaking.

Anri hails from the same land as the original jolly old NPC Solaire, the land of Astora. They are also the only NPC in the game that changes genders depending on which one the player picked for their character.

If the player creates a boy, Anri is a girl, and vice-versa. There’s a lot to this NPC’s story, whether it has to do with Aldrich, Londor, or Yuria, but Anri is just such a kind person in an otherwise unkind world. They seem to genuinely care about people, especially Horace the Hushed, and they are met with many times throughout the Champion of Ashes’ journey.

Next is a rare NPC character who is as close to a normal person as they come. They are not some great Pyromancer, not a Child of the Abyss, not a Firekeeper, and certainly not some renowned knight; no, they are just Greirat.

Greirat is first rescued by the player in the Undead Settlement, and he immediately gifts a ring to the player, asking them to pass it on to Loretta, his beloved, if they happen to find her. Sadly enough, most players did find her, or her body at least. After he grieves for his loss, Greirat becomes one of the most useful vendors in the game, and constantly upgrades his wares, that is, if the player allows him to go pillage areas for new items. But, be aware, if he’s sent to go pillage Lothric Castle (a place that’s already pretty confusing), there is absolutely no way to ensure he survives.

Siegward is the obvious Siegmeyer homage of Dark Souls 3 (they even share the same voice actor). Siegward first appears in the Undead Settlement trying to figure out how elevators work. Then, after that, he can be found watching a demon in the distance, and if players go to fight said demon, he gladly takes up arms and joins them.

Once the fight is over, Siegward celebrates victory with the player by sharing a Siegbrau, and then promptly takes a nap. There’s a variety of other places the player can stumble upon this jolly yet airheaded knight, but the end of his questline will always be at Yhorm The Giant’s arena, where he’ll finally keep his promise to his old friend Yhorm and put him to rest. Overall, Siegward is just as big of a bro as Solaire or Siegmeyer, and his ending is equally as bittersweet, which is why people love him so much.

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