Cuphead has come a long way since his initial release in 2017. He’s got a spirit event and Mii Fighter costume in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and has even signed a deal with Netflix.

In an attempt to continue building the character’s profile, Cuphead developer Studio MDHR is now teaming up with the US fast-food chain “Arby’s” to release a special toy line. Here’s what the studio had to say about this collaboration, along with a look at the launcher token that’s available:

It’s a good day for a swell battle, as Cuphead comes to Arby’s! Bring the family to a participating location near you and enjoy all-new Cuphead toys with purchase of a Kids Meal. Make memories building and battling papercraft versions of the Inkwell Isle’s fiercest bosses!

Oh, and if this has got you wondering about Cuphead’s ‘Delicious Last Course’ DLC, it will apparently arrivewhen it’s readyaccording to Studio MDHR. Will you be making a trip to your nearest Arby’s to pick up one of these toys? Leave a comment down below.

When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat.

Unfortunately, the only Arby’s near me are currently operating at very reduced capacity. None allow customers to eat in, and many don’t offer delivery either. (In fact, the closest one to me that does offer delivery is nearly 8 miles away in another town.)

This is a better crossover in my eyes then anything elseI thought smash was as good as it gets but arbies and cuphead is just next level.

@Toy_Link, when McDonald’s has their periodic Pokemon toys in stock, they mostly sell them to adults. I trust Arby’s knows their market. xD

@Northwind you’re in for a rough time in the commentsarbies is pretty good. I get some people don’t like certain things I’m fine with that but other people will not be so kind lol

can i just go thru the drive thru and ask for one of each toy? or is that a no no?

@Ghostchip, thanks. I usually don’t enjoy trolling, but this seemed like an easy and harmless time to ruffle a few feathers.

Anyone remember when they gave legendary pokemon cards I happy meals? I sure as hell do and I sure as hell will NEVER forget when I got a zekrom with my nugs

@Toy_Link, I literally just laughed out loud! Thank you, I need more of that these days!

@TossedLlama Yes!!! I worked fast food before, often times they are able to charge for just a toy. at the chain i worked at they were $1 each

@shinesprites thank you. i didn’t want to be ‘that guy’. but because of your advice, tomorrow, i’m going to be ‘the guy’.

Really? Arby’s? I saw some of their food online and to be honest, it doesn’t look very delicious. No wonder Family Guy always makes fun of this fast-food chain restaurant.


Cuphead, Arby’s, Studio MDHR, Kids’ meal

World news – US – Cuphead Gets His Own Fast Food Toy Line At Arby’s Restaurants

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