Everyone knows, the first customer information channel is now the web. This is true in all professions, whether to make themselves known to individuals or businesses.

Mais comment créer un site internet professionnel ?

This article will answer all your questions and give you the solutions to understand how to create a website and solutions to better heberger.

Here is the map of our article !

  • Why create a site ?
  • How to create a website?
  • Social networks and your website
  • Mistakes to avoid to create a site

Before you even ask you how to create a site, you should be aware that if your website is not designed to be visible on Google it will be useless for your business. Nous allons vous présenter nos clefs de succès pour mettre en place une communication digitale efficace et créer un site professionnel.

Why must create a website ?

The Creation of a website is a means to a commercial approach that aims to promote a company in all its markets in Cameroon, in Africa, in France, in Europe and all over the world to.

A professional website has the ability to influence how your market and your prospects view your business. The first impressions count, also must allow your website to meet the following objectives :

  • establish credibility,
  • create confidence,
  • engage visitors,
  • generate leads,
  • support your customers,
  • facilitate sales.

De nombreux patrons d’entreprise ou directions marketing ne font que upload a website avec trop peu de réflexion ou de stratégie sur la façon dont ce site internet aura un impact sur la génération de prospects, l’acquisition de clients, the brand awareness. To fix this problem, CSS Engineering offers to all these customers complete packages including SEO to be visible on the Internet, the emarketing, …

Creating a website is useless without an objective and a clear strategy that will help increase business contacts, the sales, anything that helps you develop your business.

Your website is yet visible 24 hours 24, 7 days 7, making it a valuable marketing asset. Even better, when you create a professional website, it costs almost nothing today CSS Engineering. It is therefore essential create a website mais il est tout aussi indispensable de create this website avec des objectifs clairs.

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The top five reasons why you need to make a website:

1. Establishing a web presence

For companies that have a physical location, a website allows, to marginal cost, to be known prospects in remote catchment areas of their store.

For service companies, établir une online presence est le moyen le plus efficace pour donner de la légitimité tout en offrant à votre cible un point de référence qu’elle peut consulter à tout moment.

For entrepreneurs and start ups, the website to test the viability of the project and can, in many cases, allow to achieve an MVP of your product to validate the reaction of your target and optimize your marketing.

You are not convinced of the usefulness of a website to establish a web presence ?

Keep you well: Most customers CSS Engineering viennent d’internet.

Certaines entreprises font le choix de create a Facebook page et seulement de créer une page Facebook. They lose sight of the three limitations to social networks :

  • a message posted on Facebook has a limited life of a few hours. In this interval, if he does not play, it is lost in the mass of content published between time and never nobody can access it. A page web publiée aujourd’hui, because it is accessible by search engines, will always be visible in 6 month, 1 year or more.
  • a page Facebook est un espace de communication très normé qui permet difficilement d’argumenter. A professional website creates trust and gives confidence to your prospects to go the next step : making a buying decision. Without an online presence on the Internet, Your company reduces its chances to give this essential trust business.
  • Trade precisely. Many people use social networks to belly. But to better organize sales and retain customers, it is essential to create a website.

The business on the Internet today takes an essential part in the development of enterprises. This is true also for a TPE website that well built is a fabulous opportunity.

2. Provide information

Your company sells a product or provides a service. Your prospects and customers will inevitably have many questions about your offer or want a demonstration.

A professional internet website est un outil étonnamment efficace pour répondre à ces attentes.

  • viewing your deals, detailed presentation of their functionality will reassure your visitors on the quality of your products,
  • the création d’un blog can give quality information and respond accurately to the questions of your target. Mieux encore avec votre blog des internautes vont découvrir votre entreprise car vos articles répondent à des préoccupations qui les concernent. Satisfied with the quality of your blog posts, they will naturally try to find out what your business,
  • FAQs will affect your prospects near the purchasing act to reassure them and treat any objections,
  • the case study presentation will allow a prospect to project uncovering how your customers have appropriated your offers,
  • the creation of a web page "About Us" will help to reassure your visitors on the serious buyer.

There are many examples that demonstrate that the information is the basis for the creation of a website pro.

In many cases, obtaining this information facilitates the qualification of serious prospects and close sales. A user visits the web page features of your business product. It is certainly not there by accident, this is the time to propose to make contact with you for example with a live chat that goes off after a few seconds.

3. Make your business visible to the greatest number

There is simply no other form of marketing as effective a website when it comes to make your business. A TPE site well built website will be as visible as a large company giving it every chance. Do not worry, CSS Engineering looks after all.

An entrepreneur can launch its showcase site before launching his business and take advantage of this channel to create a file of prospects and work an early reputation. This is exactly what we have done in CSS Engineering. We have created our blog a few months before the official launch of our society. We have benefited, since the first day, leads tours convinced by the consistency of our business approach.
This is also what make many start ups that offer their pre purchase products on the internet.

In many trades (Bed and Breakfast, hôtels, restaurants, VTC, Photographers, …) of information directories or portals are positioned such wholesalers. Through commissions they present a particular company allowing it to make sales. Cette situation est bien sûr couteuse mais surtout dangereuse car dans de nombreux cas les entreprises concernées ne disposent pas de leur propre website ce qui les rend totalement dépendantes des décisions de ces portails :

  • with a website well-built hotel (as www.hotelvalleedesprinces.com we created) you can fight against portals like Booking.com and Trip Advisor and control your communication. Even better, you can take control of your business strategy and set different prices according to your prospect reserve directly on your hotel website or through a portal,
  • the same way a photographer to showcase site that will allow it to present its work without having to pay a commission to Star of service or Companeo example.

C’est le pouvoir du web marketing qui repose sur la website creation that is built with the right strategy and the right methodology to leverage countless opportunities. CSS Engineering gives you the power and control.

here are the 7 Free platforms to create its e-commerce site

4. Generate leads

A Web site has an enormous capacity to help you generate leads for your business.

We all learned how the sales process. First contact to hit the target, then adjust its pitch, set up deals or accelerators, generate leads contacts, contact these prospects to convince them, turn them into customers.

Your website is a highly effective operational marketing tool. Whatever your profession, your website will allow you to define your trading indicators :

  • connaître l’audience d’un site : many tools allow you to know your number of visitors, provenance, votre Google ranking.
  • capture contacts and so know your rate prospects / visits. A form, a newsletter module, a live chat will allow you to capture prospects emails you can then use
  • measure your prospects into customers conversion rate.

This complete control of your sales process, you can easily define your recruitment cost to set your marketing budgets and business. How to do ? It's very simple : You know you have a conversion rate of visitors to leads X% and customer prospects to Y%. You can, depending on the investment made to recruit a visitor define your recruitment cost.

Ce qui est génial avec internet et la communication digitale c’est que tout cela ne coute rien ou quasiment et permet donc à de très petites entreprises de développer des stratégies web effective.

Indeed you can always test sales pitches by altering the presentation of a web page, make A / B testing ( l’A/B testing is to introduce random 2 slightly different pages to measure that which is most effective), test pitches, …

Once you have a good knowledge of your recruitment costs, it becomes easy to optimize the use of your marketing budget.

Example, portal offers to send you qualified contacts against commissions. Test and compare if this action is more or less profitable. Same for the purchase of keywords or an affiliate Action, pub on Facebook (Facebook Ads), …

To measure your traffic and visitors understand its behavior, your website is connected with the toolsanalyse de site web Google ( Analytics ) that you always possible to know the audience of your site and check its position on Google.

That's why your website is a great machine to generate leads.

5. Generate sales

Whether you have a shop or e trader, you're selling a product or service, make a professional website est un levier commercial majeur.

A website works 24 hours 24, 7 days 7, even while you sleep.

Yet very few companies use their website for e-commerce. In France there are over 3,5 million web sites under 10% proposent la online sales.

It is true that a few years ago, ecommerce in Cameroon was a very complicated actions, Online payment of magic, the logistics a true puzzle. CSS Engineering supports you. You go through a communications agency (creating your website on WordPress usually ) or you make your website independently with logiciel de création de site web professionnel il suffit de connecter un module pour en quelques secondes disposer :

  • an online payment tool,
  • an online booking engine ( par exemple pour un Hotel website ),
  • a schedule management tool ( par exemple pour un trainer site ),

A website without social networks ?

There are over 100 social networks, the most famous Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube are used by a vast majority of your prospects and customers.

It is therefore appropriate to create a Facebook page or animate your presence on social networks.

Benefits to be present on social networks

1 - Develop the proximity between your company and its prospects

A website is a cold medium that generates little close with your prospects and customers.

Conversely social networks are emotional media through which your prospects speak spontaneously and directly.

For example, a satisfied customer will not hesitate to give his opinion on his Facebook page or to relay your messages on Twitter. Whoever emits criticism will in the same way but you know his opinion and be able to interact with it.

2 - Take advantage of the virality of social networks

Social networks are great rooms echo. They allow you to share as many of your deals, the latest publications from your blog eg.

The principle is simple, the subscriber of your page will find your publication and relay to his relatives. Thus a person can communicate your message to dozens of other people who will do the same in turn.

Of course this virality is organized and does not work for sure.

Here empathy brand has its meaning. You are close to your customers, using a nice tone, you put people at the heart of your communications and you'll see your results soar.

Even better, networks are an opportunity to encourage your prospects to talk about your company or your products. contests, to question, offer benefits are practical, that encourage your target to share information about your brand.

3 - Optimize your SEO

Social networks are a natural extension of your website.

You publish content regularly in your blog, by commercial deals or otherwise, take the reflex to always communicate on your social networks to publicize such content. They demonstrate your know-how. Each new visit to a page on your website gained through shares on your Facebook page is taken into account by search engines.

How to create an effective website : Traps to avoid

It does not really exist, each, even a TPE, is ability to achieve an effective website that generates business.

First and foremost it is essential to understand and accept that the Google SEO requires time and labor. All such promises "create a free website" , "The first page of Google", "Quality backlinks for 200 €" are to flee.

Ensuite, a good idea is to delegate only what we understand to be able to supervise the service provider. It's the same thing on the internet.

L’enjeu de votre communication digitale est tel qu’il est indispensable que vous vous formiez et que vous fassiez l’audit de votre site internet afin de comprendre où sont vos sources d’optimisation.

How to create a professional website : synthesis

Creating an effective website is not complicated.

What it does it will be effective and boost your business based on 3 key levers :

  • a proper diagnosis marketing your business to identify the arguments that make the difference,
  • a good methodology to create an effective website, its SEO work and animate over time,
  • a permanent measure your results to implement the corrective actions required.

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Building on its expertise in the areas of digital, technologies and processes , CSS Engineering you in your most ambitious transformation projects and helps you bring out new ideas, new offers, new modes of collaboration, new ways of producing and selling.

CSS Engineering is involved in projects each customer as if it were his own. We believe a consulting company should be more than an advisor. We put ourselves in the place of our customers, to align we incentives to their goals, and collaborate to unlock the full potential their business. This establishes deep relationships and enjoyable.

Our services:

  1. Create professional websites
  2. Hosting high performance and unlimited
  3. Sale and video surveillance cameras installation
  4. Sale and Installation of security system and alarm
  5. E-Marketing

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