The ease of use is more important than design

We all tend when creating or redesigning a website to spend time on the choice of colors. Yet the rules of web design have nothing in common with the rules of graphics or traditional communication.

Creating an effective website web design involves taking into account 4 principles:

  • the user wants quick access to information. In a few seconds, it will scan the web page on which the search engine leads and decide to stay or leave,
  • in over 50% cases that user navigates Smartphone or tablet. The reduced format of these media requires conciseness,
  • Users benchmarks gradually imposed on internet. A titre d'exemples :
  • one button access to a private area is always at the top right. This benchmark has emerged as banks websites work well and that we are numerous to visit them every day,
  • the logo to return to the home page,
  • the menu (or navigation bar) is to top.
  • creating website must match the expectations of search engines :
  • a site internet responsive design therefore optimized for playback on movable supports,
  • Web pages that load in less than 2 seconds in order to even be displayed with 3G connections,
  • a URL address HTTPS.

Because of these constraints, have a sleek design is crucial if you want to create a professional showcase site:

  • quality of templates. A template is a format of a page and quickly to create a website.
  • color choices limited. Specialists recommend web design 3 different colors maximum for all web pages of your website,
  • a font (« font ») unique for every site,
  • high quality pictures. A beautiful image is minimum 960 pixels wide, it shall be understood in 1 second and therefore does not include thousands of details,
  • a menu (navigation bar) with maximum 6 links to pages on your site,
  • access to all pages with a maximum of 3 clicks (This is what experts call the "depth" ),
  • action buttons ( CTA ) in small numbers on each page (Maximum 3 buttons : up, the middle and bottom of web pages),
  • a limited use of flat colors. The purpose is to write on a white background and our eye is programmed for it. Imposing color variations complicates reading and all that complicates access to information encourages users to leave your website,
  • harmoniously arranged information modules to allow a fast transversal reading,
  • interspersed text titles, Image, of bold words, to give a perception of ease of access to information. A page can be very long, if justified, but paragraphs should not ideal to exceed 10 at 15 maximum lines,

In the same way, the profusion of carousels, pop up, graphic effects is rarely effective because all these elements make the complex navigation of the Internet that picks information.

Hubspot ( greater of inbound marketing software) did a survey which showed that 76% people say that the most important feature of a website's usability.

This facility also allows to show a form of credibility of the website in question. Indeed, no need for graphic effects if the information is quality.

What really matters to users?

All studies show that an effective website is a website in which:

  • information in a showcase site is organized logically,
  • the information is current. This seems obvious but how many websites have not been updated 3 last months : a majority,
  • there are links to quality sites.

When creating your website do not hesitate to ask for opinions to your customers or your employees on how they perceive the usability of your website. To avoid falling into the "like" "I do not like" is completely subjective, ask them specific questions :

  • have you easily find the web page that talks about my products,
  • clicking on a link you knew what you were going to find in the destination web page,
  • did you get all your questions answered,
  • would you buy (or contacted).

After the publishing your site showcase, you can analyze the behavior of your users to detect misunderstandings.

To start a simple reading of your management tool Google Analytics can help you detect problems.

For this purpose in the left menu click on "Behavior" and "Site Content" and "All Pages".

In the blink of an eye, you can know the number of visits to each of the web pages of your site, duration of visit, bounce rate.

If the issues the warrant you can use professional software such as Hotjar that allow you to understand the activity of your visitors on your website.

You understand, the "wow" effect can play tricks.

The effectiveness of your website depends a lot on how it is built. If you go through a web agency, confirm it has the necessary skills to you create a user-friendly site and easy to use.

Are there any tricks for Google SEO ?

The SEO of a website does not perform any magic operation. Your site will be well referenced if it meets the expectations of search engines (Google, As, Ecosia, …). All work the same way.

First, These are computers that scan web pages to detect, at specific locations, information to understand what they treat their.

Ensuite, when a page is referenced, the search engine offer this to users based on the requests they submit. They then analyze the behavior of users. Do they stay in the Web sufficient time, they navigate the site, they buy, they return.

Finally, because these are computers, they need clear rules to quickly analyze your web pages. These are the technical aspects of SEO too often underestimated.

How to reference a website ?

All SEO experts (SEO) you say the same thing. SEO is a process that requires the method, time and based on 4 distinct phases :

a) Understanding how people do their research

We are talking about the famous keywords. What are the words typed by users on the search engines.

This is the basis of Google SEO that is to know all the keywords used by your target to find a company like yours.

in Orson, we identified more 450 keywords in French and almost as much in English. All are not equal.

Some keywords that match a client's reflection phase (how to create a website, what is the price of a site, ..). Sometimes they are quite far from the actual purchase but be identified on these keywords helps to publicize prospects at the beginning of their decision process.

Others are clearly used by our target situation of purchase (differences between Orson and Wix, how much does hosting a website, …). Use these keywords is essential to create an effective website.

b) Embed in your website keywords in the right places

Each page of your website is summarized by a title and description (meta data ). That's what you see first in the results of search engines (blue or purple for the title and description for the black).

Each of the titles and descriptions of each web page of your site should incorporate keywords. This helps Google understand the objectives of each page to present to the right people.

If this seems obvious, the reality is that more 50% websites have neither title nor accurate description. On a website audit is the first thing that will analyze SEO experts.

Then everything is logical question. A page is structured with a general title ( H1 ) subtitles ( H2 ) text and images. The keywords must be used in titles, subtitles, the beginning of paragraph text and titles of pictures or videos. It is not more complicated than that it's just a working method and rigor.

By doing so, you allow robots search engines to accurately understand the purpose of each page of your website and so present them to the right people.

c) Animate its website

A website is a showcase. In the physical world it would not occur to any trader the idea of ​​not animate his window. This is obviously the same on the internet.

Your prospects want updated information, Search engines prefer date information you need to animate your website.

That's the whole point of a blog, a news website that produce new content and enrich your site.

The ideal is to publish a weekly page 300 words minimum and communicate via social networks ( see section below ).

Of course, this means that you are independent to host your site what is now possible with the site creation software offering responsive design templates easy to edit.

d) Work inbound links ( Backlinks)

The most essential step in any SEO process. Your site shop window or e-commerce site is rich in content, regularly animated, so it is increasingly visited and enjoyed by Google.

This is the time to identify the websites with which it is relevant to relate to propose a link exchange. Each site has a page rank ( a score expressed in index 1 at 100). Moz SEO is a free software that allows you to know the Page Rank of any website.

The challenge is to get backlinks sites that have a page rank higher than your.

For simplicity, and utopian, if your site has a page rank 10 ( low) and a site with a page rank of 90 (very high) sets up a backlink to your benefit your life changes. Do not dream it will not happen. It takes as always on internet work methodically and step by step. Aim for sites with a page rank 20 then as and measurement 30 ….

technical aspects of SEO

Le responsive design

make a site responsive design today is an imperative. Indeed, more than 50% Visitors come from a tablet or smartphone website. This led Google to decide not to submit the websites not responsive design upon requests on mobile devices. The impact on the traffic of a website and can be considerable.

The responsive design is to automatically redial the templates de pages, depending on the size of the support by which they are accessible.

If you need to redo your website, your agency will charge you certainly this benefit because most of the software they use (WordPress or Drupal in particular) require a specific validation phase.

The most modern site creation software (SaaS Software as a Service) do not pose this problem because they integrate business rules to make the unbreakable responsive design.


e-commerce sites are built in compliance with the standard HTTPS since the beginning of the web. This standard is not new. What is new is that Google has decided to impose this standard to all types of websites in order to enhance the security of data on the web.

If your web site ( showcase site or blog ) is not HTTPS, at From October 2017 Chrome browser will display a warning message to visitors of your website if pages on your website have a form to fill out or a search field.

Given the content of the message, the effect is guaranteed. Your visitors prefer not to enter your website rather than run a risk.

Google's goal is to impose HTTPS on all existing sites. HTTPS is a Transfer Protocol that encrypts data and thus provide more security for readers to your website.

The passage of the HTTP standard your website to HTTPS standard amounts to a migration website. schematically 3 steps are provided :

  • change your hosting contract to acquire an SSL certificate adapted. The cost of your accommodation will significantly increase (count of the order of 100 200 € per month ),
  • make HTTPS migration of all your web pages,
  • Check that all external modules that are used in your website (plug in) are HTTPS. failing, the pages of your website concerned will be considered as unsafe.

Depending on the software you use this work will be more or less complex and therefore less expensive to make :

  • Your website has been made with a CMS open source (WordPress ou Drupal. In this case it is likely that you went through a web agency who realized your website. Contact the for an estimate of the cost of migration. Depending on the size of your site ( number of pages and visitors ) the cost can go up to several thousand euros,
  • your site was built on a CMS software cloud ( un website builder tel Jimdo, Orson ou Squarespace ). It is likely that you have achieved your autonomously website. In that case, HTTPS migrating your site will be carried out automatically without additional cost to your subscription.

On your web page load time

This is certainly the technical element less often considered when creating or redesigning a website.

Google values ​​the web pages that load in less than 2 seconds to ensure a quality user experience even on a 3G mobile navigation.

For fast your pages must comply with the technical standards HTML 5 (W3C say) and you must be vigilant in particular on the weight of the images that can significantly slow loading web pages.

The best way to optimize the loading time of compressing your images with appropriate software. As an example we use the free Tinyjpg software that saves enter 70 and 80% weight without impacting image quality.

Regularly do not hesitate to test your pages. For this we use the service Pingdom that lets you know the time of loading of a page, taking into account the distance between the server and the user.

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