CRISPR technology, awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry this week, presents itself as an alternative to serological tests (PCR) and virological. In addition to detecting the infection in a flash, the new test would not require expensive laboratory equipment and could be deployed in doctor's offices, schools and office buildings.

A team of researchers led by Jennifer Doudna, which won the Nobel Prize in chemistry this week for its co-discovery of CRISPR (alongside the Frenchwoman Emmanuelle Charpentier), reports creation of new test based on same technique to diagnose Covid-19. CRISPR consists of a modification of the genetic heritage that would allow, among others, to cure rare diseases. Research results in particular raise high hopes for the fight against cancer.

According to specialists, the performance of its tests would not be as important in terms of quantity as the tests already known (serological and virological). But first they would be much cheaper, conventional tests using expensive laboratory machines. Then much more precise. And above all much faster with an estimated average time of 5 minutes per test, against 1 day or more for standard tests.

The CRISPR version test would not only determine if a sample is positive but also assess the amount of virus contained by a patient. Enough to help doctors adapt treatments according to each individual's condition.

Next step, according to Doudna : validate the test configuration, and market it. And goodbye to PCRs ?

In any case, the Pasteur Institute is not honored to have been able to keep this great talent, these talents will now be at the service of a large German laboratory ….

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World news – FR – Coronavirus – Only five minutes : Nobel laureate in chemistry creates test that diagnoses Covid-19 in record time

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