Nowadays, it is no longer possible to do without the Internet media for business, whether by means of a site of e-commerce or at least one window on the net. The question arises of how to ensure its presence and free to climb to the forefront?

CSS Engineering work for several years with companies to achieve their project professional website. We were able to assess the impact of a website on a company's activities.

The solution to create a site simply internet

When starting a business is not necessarily the means to invest in creating a site that is not at all sure to get quick fallen. The return on investment can be very slow given the strong competition. Knowing that when we Employing professional it takes on average 500 000 CFA for drinking something, there is something to think about ... CSS Engineering offers its complete package (Creation Pro website + 1 An hosting pro + SEO + social network accounts) from 249 000 CFA only.

Also there for some time website creation platforms for some free internet and pay for other. With a few clicks you can create your site and put it online almost free. It takes the cost of accommodation, domain purchase as well as other features such as an email address for customer service. This represents a cost that can vary between 5000 FCFA 20 00CFA francs per year, This is not huge. But against party, the features are limited, the limited support, you must ensure even updates, … In short it is free or at least but heavy.

When managing a business, two basic elements are taken into account : sales and customer service. The first will ensure you have cash, the second that your customers will be satisfied and come back. The same goes for a website. You must provide impeccable customer service and make sure they come back when they need to buy a similar product.

By installing a chat plugin (like the one on our official website on your site you will be in direct communication with your client at the time of his visit. He will ask questions and you can answer in real time. This feature is very important, So be sure to choose a platform that offers you when building your site.

Another key point for the success of a business is the creation of a client file. Most businesses do much of their business with their former customers or visitors. It is therefore important to have the largest possible file. You can create a customer file on your website by installing a subscription window. The person who visits his registered address in order to receive promotions or newsletters.

Our opinion:

When you start a business and you want to create your online presence, or activity already exists and you want to just make its online presence to grow your customer, mistake not to make is to invest too much time and resources on the launch of the website.

You may spend several months on the project and in the end it does not meet your expectation. Or spending too much money to realize after a specialized agency as CSS Engineering you would have made a professional website in a short time and within your budget.

So take the time to consult one or more experts in the field who will advise on strategy and measures to make it better and reap the benefits. CSS Engineering is fully available to assist and guide you during this journey.

Building on its expertise in the areas of digital, technologies and processes , CSS Engineering you in your most ambitious transformation projects and helps you bring out new ideas, new offers, new modes of collaboration, new ways of producing and selling.

CSS Engineering is involved in projects each customer as if it were his own. We believe a consulting company should be more than an advisor. We put ourselves in the place of our customers, to align we incentives to their goals, and collaborate to unlock the full potential their business. This establishes deep relationships and enjoyable.

Our services:

  1. Create professional websites
  2. Hosting high performance and unlimited
  3. Sale and video surveillance cameras installation
  4. Sale and Installation of security system and alarm
  5. E-Marketing

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