This is a question that comes up often.

How to get more’ subscribers and have more 1000 j’ like on facebook?

I know how frustrating it is to take time to write a post, choose a beautiful image and publish it “at the right time”. And only see that two or three people saw it.

However, users on Facebook, this is not what is missing.

In June 2017, Facebook said that more than 1,3 billion people log into Facebook every day.

Knowing that the world population is around 7 billion people, we can deduce that almost 20% of the world's population connects to Facebook every day.

It’s amazing when you think about it. Part of this population might be interested in what you are doing.

However, with perpetual updates of its algorithm, Facebook limits the scope of your posts (number of people who see your posts).

There was a time when almost all of your fans saw your content. Now, This is an other story.

Facebook naturally limits the reach of your posts.

Facebook wants to show the content that most interests these users.

Indeed, each user will see different posts in their news feed.

For Facebook, the goal is to give each user the best possible experience on their network. In other words, a perfectly personalized news feed based on what you like to see.

Customize your news feed, this is the role of the Facebook algorithm.

Selon Tech Crunch, Facebook's algorithm analyzes more than 100.000 factors to determine which posts will be shown in your news feed.

Fortunately, we know that the algorithm is watching 5 main factors which could be summarized as follows :

Your content will be shown to users on Facebook based on who you are, what you publish, the performance of your publications, what type of content you publish and the recency of the content.

How to get your Facebook followers?

Let's start with the basics, the little tricks, so you can get your first Facebook fans.

What I will share with you will seem logical every time, but you have to start with the simplest. We all started from scratch.

If this is your case, this should help you acquire your 100 first subscribers in just a few minutes.

Promote Your Page Facebook

The most effective solution here, is of booster the page and get the most j’ like as possible.

It's a quick and easy way to advertise Facebook. Indeed, the process is simplified to the extreme to allow anyone to sponsor their page.

Boosting a page is also a good way to start Facebook advertising. Facebook Ad Manager remains an interface complex for everyone who discovers it for the first time.

Sponsoring a Facebook page is helpful and you want to gain in visibility and generate interactions on one of your publications that worked well.

Most companies do Boost to promote their page and sell their products or services better afterwards.

To boost your page and generate as much reaction as possible, the advice I would give you is to turn to an IT service provider who can meet your needs at the best price. CSS Engineering for example, a benchmark company that specializes in the creation and’ hosting websites. It also offers solutions for Booster a Facebook page. You can contact them for more information.’ information or a quote via Email [email protected]

Optimize your Facebook Page

The first step seems obvious, and yet few Pages are properly optimized.

You can add tons of information about yourself and your business in the About section of your Page. : site web, phone number, E-mail adress, hobbies, etc.

there is your profile photo and your cover photo.

It’s even more important.

Melyssa Griffin, an American blogger who teaches other entrepreneurs how to make a living from their passion, perfectly uses his profile picture to convey his zest for life.

If you are a business, you should use your logo as a profile picture

Invite your friends (but not all)

You surely know this trick which is to invite your friends to like your Page.

Unfortunately, this function of adding friends to like your Page is subject to many abuses.

Indeed, with time, I’ve found that some companies create these kinds of Facebook profiles to promote their Page.

The idea : create a Facebook profile, add a priori qualified people and invite them to like their Page.

My advice : there’s nothing wrong with inviting your friends to like your Page, do it only if the content you are going to publish is likely to interest them !

Don’t spam people if they didn’t ask you ... They’re already busy enough.

Take advantage of your website traffic

You have traffic on your website ?

Good news !

Why not promote your Facebook page on your website and take advantage of this traffic?

For example by placing a like box Facebook in the sidebar of your blog posts.

Some visitors to your site will be curious enough to click on the link and visit your Facebook page.

To install a like box on your website, go to this page.

You can also include your like box in your thank you page after a purchase or subscription to your Newsletter.

If you don't have’ a website, you can entrust the project of realization of your site to a company. I would advise you CSS Engineering is a benchmark in the field.


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